new: [pdns-import-cof] New importer for the Passive DNS backend.

- Importer for COF NDJSON file or fifo stream
- Importer from websocket using COF NDJSON format per message

`python3 --websocket ws://`
Alexandre Dulaunoy 2022-07-15 11:45:41 +02:00
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@ -0,0 +1,140 @@
#!/usr/bin/env python3
# pdns-import is a simple import from Passive DNS cof format (from NDJSON)
# and import these back into a Passive DNS backend
# This software is part of the D4 project.
# The software is released under the GNU Affero General Public version 3.
# Copyright (c) 2019-2022 Alexandre Dulaunoy -
# Copyright (c) 2019 Computer Incident Response Center Luxembourg (CIRCL)
import redis
import json
import logging
import sys
import argparse
import os
import ndjson
# ! websocket-client not websocket
import websocket
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(
description='Import array of standard Passive DNS cof format into your Passive DNS server'
parser.add_argument('--file', dest='filetoimport', help='JSON file to import')
'--websocket', dest='websocket', help='Import from a websocket stream'
args = parser.parse_args()
logger = logging.getLogger('pdns ingestor')
ch = logging.StreamHandler()
formatter = logging.Formatter('%(asctime)s - %(name)s - %(levelname)s - %(message)s')
logger.addHandler(ch)"Starting COF ingestor")
analyzer_redis_host = os.getenv('D4_ANALYZER_REDIS_HOST', '')
analyzer_redis_port = int(os.getenv('D4_ANALYZER_REDIS_PORT', 6400))
r = redis.Redis(host='', port=6400)
excludesubstrings = ['', '']
with open('../etc/records-type.json') as rtypefile:
rtype = json.load(rtypefile)
dnstype = {}
stats = True
for v in rtype:
dnstype[(v['type'])] = v['value']
expiration = None
if (not (args.filetoimport)) and (not (args.websocket)):
def add_record(rdns=None):
if rdns is None:
return False
logger.debug("parsed record: {}".format(rdns))
if 'rrname' not in rdns:
'Parsing of passive DNS line is incomplete: {}'.format(rdns.strip())
return False
if rdns['rrname'] and rdns['rrtype']:
rdns['type'] = dnstype[rdns['rrtype']]
rdns['v'] = rdns['rdata']
excludeflag = False
for exclude in excludesubstrings:
if exclude in rdns['rrname']:
excludeflag = True
if excludeflag:
logger.debug('Excluded {}'.format(rdns['rrname']))
return False
if rdns['type'] == '16':
rdns['v'] = rdns['v'].replace("\"", "", 1)
query = "r:{}:{}".format(rdns['rrname'], rdns['type'])
logger.debug('redis sadd: {} -> {}'.format(query, rdns['v']))
r.sadd(query, rdns['v'])
res = "v:{}:{}".format(rdns['v'], rdns['type'])
logger.debug('redis sadd: {} -> {}'.format(res, rdns['rrname']))
r.sadd(res, rdns['rrname'])
firstseen = "s:{}:{}:{}".format(rdns['rrname'], rdns['v'], rdns['type'])
if not r.exists(firstseen):
r.set(firstseen, int(float(rdns['time_first'])))
logger.debug('redis set: {} -> {}'.format(firstseen, rdns['time_first']))
lastseen = "l:{}:{}:{}".format(rdns['rrname'], rdns['v'], rdns['type'])
last = r.get(lastseen)
if last is None or int(float(last)) < int(float(rdns['time_last'])):
r.set(lastseen, int(float(rdns['time_last'])))
logger.debug('redis set: {} -> {}'.format(lastseen, rdns['time_last']))
occ = "o:{}:{}:{}".format(rdns['rrname'], rdns['v'], rdns['type'])
if 'count' in rdns:
r.set(occ, rdns['count'])
r.incrby(occ, amount=1)
if stats:
r.incrby('stats:processed', amount=1)
if not r:'empty passive dns record')
return False
def on_open(ws):
logger.debug('[websocket] connection open')
def on_close(ws):
logger.debug('[websocket] connection closed')
def on_message(ws, message):
logger.debug('Message received via websocket')
if args.filetoimport:
with open(args.filetoimport, "r") as dnsimport:
reader = ndjson.load(dnsimport)
for rdns in reader:
elif args.websocket:
ws = websocket.WebSocketApp(
args.websocket, on_open=on_open, on_close=on_close, on_message=on_message

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