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analyzer-d4-passivessl fetch a redis feed of certificate and TLS sessions and massage the dataset to be usable by lookup-d4-passivessl service.
# Dependencies
go get
go get
sudo apt install postgresql-plpython3-[your psql version]
# Config
analyzer-d4-passivessl - Passive SSL analyzer:
Fetch data from sensor-d4-tls-fingerprinting and push it into d4-passivessl-server
analyzer-d4-passivessl -c config_directory
The configuration settings are stored in files in the configuration directory
specified with the -c command line switch.
Files in the configuration directory:
redis - empty if not used.
| host:port/db
redis_queue - type and uuid of the redis queue
| type:uuid
postgres - postgres database
| user:password@host:port/db
certfolder - absolute path to the folder containing certificates
| /....
4 years ago