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# Passive Identification of BackScatter
# Passive Identification of BackScatter (pibs)
Read a pcap file and display potential backscatter traffic on standard output
This is very early stage and subject to change.
# Install dependencies
As there were some changes in libwiretap, at least the version 2.6.3-1 is needed.
As there were some changes in libwiretap, at least the version 2.6.3-1 is required.
``` shell
apt-get install libwiretap-dev
apt-get install libhiredis-dev
@ -16,12 +17,11 @@ apt-get install libglib2.0-dev
# How to use
# How to use pibs
``` shell
./pibs -r pcapfile.cap -b
`./pibs -r pcapfile.cap -b`
./pibs -u e344c4fb-442e-45a6-92b9-d8e30aeef448 -z -p 6379 -y 2
`./pibs -u e344c4fb-442e-45a6-92b9-d8e30aeef448 -z -p 6379 -y 2`
Consumes the files from the worker queue and write potential backscatter on
standard output. The worker queue should include absolute filenames.
@ -30,39 +30,38 @@ The redis database 2 is used as specified with the -y option.
The string e344c4fb-442e-45a6-92b9-d8e30aeef448 is the uuid that must be inline with the
pibs -r source.cap.gz -w backscatter.cap
`pibs -r source.cap.gz -w backscatter.cap`
Read the file source.cap.gz, identify potential backscatter and store it in the
file backscatter.cap to be further analysed with other tools such as wireshark
pibs -r pcapfile.cap -s
`pibs -r pcapfile.cap -s`
Read the file source.cap, identify potential backscatter and display the
usage of the used internal hash table. Feature for debugging purpose.
pibs -r pcapfile.cap -d
`pibs -r pcapfile.cap -d`
Dump the internal data structures for debugging purposes from the processing
of the pcapfile.
pibs -n
`pibs -n`
Create fresh internal data structure as shared memory for multi processing
purposes. The segment id is displayed on standard output.
pibs -n -i myinstance.shm
`pibs -n -i myinstance.shm`
Create a shared memory and store the segment identifier in the file
pibs -r pcapfile.cap.gz -a -i instance.shm
`pibs -r pcapfile.cap.gz -a -i instance.shm`
Read pcapfile.cap.gz identify potential backscatter and store it in the
shared memory segment with the identifier stored in the file instance.shm.
The previous states are taken into account.
pibs -i instance.shm -a -s
`pibs -i instance.shm -a -s`
Display the usage of the internal hash table from the shared memory segment
specified in the file instance.shm. This command can be executed in parallel