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See https://github.com/D4-project/d4-core/tree/master/server
$IP_SRV being the d4-server's address, $PORT its listening port
## Configuration files
Part of the client configuration can be stored in folder containing the following files:
- key: your Pre-Shared-Key
- snaplen: default is 4096
- source: stdin
- destination: stdout, [fe80::ffff:ffff:ffff:a6fb]:4443,
- type: D4 packat type, see [types](https://github.com/D4-project/architecture/tree/master/format)
- uuid: generated automiatically if empty
- version: protocol version
- rootCA.crt: optional CA certificate to check the server certificate
## Flags
-c string
configuration directory
Check TLS certificate against rootCA.crt
Set to True, true, TRUE, 1, or t to enable TLS on network destination (default true)
-cka duration
Keep Alive time human format, 0 to disable (default 30s)
-ct duration
Set timeout in human format
-rt duration
Time in human format before retry after connection failure, set to 0 to exit on failure (default 30s)
-v Set to True, true, TRUE, 1, or t to enable verbose output on stdout
## Pipe data into the client
In the followin examples, destination is set to stdout.
### Some file