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Fetch d4-goclient code and dependencies

go get
go get

Use make to build binaries:

make arm5l  # for raspberry pi / linux
make amd64l # for amd64 / linux


Launch a d4-server

See $IP_SRV being the d4-server's address, $PORT its listening port

Pipe data into the client

Some file

cat /proc/cpuinfo | ./d4-goclient -c conf.sample/ |  socat - OPENSSL-CONNECT:$IP_SRV:$PORT,verify=0

Tcpdump output, discarding our own traffic

$IP being the monitoring computer ip

tcpdump not dst $IP and not src $IP -w - | ./d4-goclient -c conf.sample/ |  socat - OPENSSL-CONNECT:$IP_SRV:$PORT,verify=0