Modules for expansion services, import and export in MISP
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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import unittest
import requests
from urllib.parse import urljoin
import json
class TestExpansions(unittest.TestCase):
def setUp(self):
self.maxDiff = None
self.headers = {'Content-Type': 'application/json'}
self.url = ""
def misp_modules_post(self, query):
return, "query"), json=query)
def get_values(self, response):
data = response.json()
if not isinstance(data, dict):
print(json.dumps(data, indent=2))
return data
return data['results'][0]['values']
def test_cve(self):
query = {"module": "cve", "vulnerability": "CVE-2010-3333"}
response = self.misp_modules_post(query)
self.assertTrue(self.get_values(response).startswith("Stack-based buffer overflow in Microsoft Office XP SP3, Office 2003 SP3"))
def test_dns(self):
query = {"module": "dns", "hostname": "", "config": {"nameserver": ""}}
response = self.misp_modules_post(query)
self.assertEqual(self.get_values(response), [''])
def test_macvendors(self):
query = {"module": "macvendors", "mac-address": "FC-A1-3E-2A-1C-33"}
response = self.misp_modules_post(query)
self.assertEqual(self.get_values(response), 'Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd')
def test_haveibeenpwned(self):
query = {"module": "hibp", "email-src": ""}
response = self.misp_modules_post(query)
to_check = self.get_values(response)
if to_check == " API not accessible (HTTP 401)":
self.skipTest(f"haveibeenpwned blocks travis IPs: {response}")
self.assertEqual(to_check, 'OK (Not Found)', response)
def test_greynoise(self):
query = {"module": "greynoise", "ip-dst": ""}
response = self.misp_modules_post(query)
self.assertEqual(self.get_values(response)['status'], 'ok')
def test_ipasn(self):
query = {"module": "ipasn", "ip-dst": ""}
response = self.misp_modules_post(query)
key = list(self.get_values(response)['response'].keys())[0]
entry = self.get_values(response)['response'][key]['asn']
self.assertEqual(entry, '13335')
def test_bgpranking(self):
query = {"module": "bgpranking", "AS": "13335"}
response = self.misp_modules_post(query)
self.assertEqual(self.get_values(response)['response']['asn_description'], 'CLOUDFLARENET - Cloudflare, Inc., US')