Modules for expansion services, import and export in MISP
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"description": "Module to get enrich indicators with TruSTAR.",
"logo": "logos/trustar.png",
"input": "Any of the following MISP attributes:\n- btc\n- domain\n- email-src\n- filename\n- hostname\n- ip-src\n- ip-dst\n- md5\n- sha1\n- sha256\n- url",
"output": "MISP attributes enriched with indicator summary data from the TruSTAR API. Data includes a severity level score and additional source and scoring info.",
"references": [""],
"features": "This module enriches MISP attributes with scoring and metadata from TruSTAR.\n\nThe TruSTAR indicator summary is appended to the attributes along with links to any associated reports."