add: Added Object References in the objects imported

chrisr3d 2018-03-05 14:58:31 +01:00
parent b1dd21fd06
commit 4d7642ac91
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@ -71,6 +71,7 @@ goAMLmapping = {'from_account': t_account_mapping, 'to_account': t_account_mappi
'authorized': 'authorized', 'transaction_description': 'text'}}
nodes_to_ignore = ['addresses', 'signatory']
relationship_to_keep = ['signatory', 't_from', 't_from_my_client', 't_to', 't_to_my_client', 'address']
class GoAmlParser():
def __init__(self):
@ -92,8 +93,10 @@ class GoAmlParser():
if element is not None:
self.itterate(element, element.tag)
def itterate(self, tree, aml_type):
def itterate(self, tree, aml_type, referencing_uuid=None, relationship_type=None):
objects = goAMLobjects[aml_type]
referenced_uuid = referencing_uuid
rel = relationship_type
if aml_type not in nodes_to_ignore:
mapping = goAMLmapping[aml_type]
@ -110,12 +113,20 @@ class GoAmlParser():
if element is not None:
self.fill_transaction(element, element.tag, misp_object)
last_object = self.misp_event.objects[-1]
referenced_uuid = last_object.uuid
if referencing_uuid and relationship_type:
referencing_object = self.misp_event.get_object_by_uuid(referencing_uuid)
referencing_object.add_reference(referenced_uuid, rel, None, **last_object)
except KeyError:
for node in objects['nodes']:
element = tree.find(node)
if element is not None:
self.itterate(element, element.tag)
tag = element.tag
if tag in relationship_to_keep:
rel = tag[2:] if tag.startswith('t_') else tag
self.itterate(element, element.tag, referencing_uuid=referenced_uuid, relationship_type=rel)
def fill_transaction(element, tag, misp_object):