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@ -44,6 +44,7 @@ For more information: [Extending MISP with Python modules](
* [onyphe_full](misp_modules/modules/expansion/ - a modules to process full queries on Onyphe.
* [OTX](misp_modules/modules/expansion/ - an expansion module for [OTX](
* [passivetotal](misp_modules/modules/expansion/ - a [passivetotal]( module that queries a number of different PassiveTotal datasets.
* [qrcode](misp_modules/modules/expansion/ - a module decode QR code, barcode and similar codes from an image and enrich with the decoded values.
* [rbl](misp_modules/modules/expansion/ - a module to get RBL (Real-Time Blackhost List) values from an attribute.
* [reversedns](misp_modules/modules/expansion/ - Simple Reverse DNS expansion service to resolve reverse DNS from MISP attributes.
* [securitytrails](misp_modules/modules/expansion/ - an expansion module for [securitytrails](
@ -68,6 +69,7 @@ For more information: [Extending MISP with Python modules](
### Export modules
* [CEF](misp_modules/modules/export_mod/ module to export Common Event Format (CEF).
* [Cisco FireSight Manager ACL rule](misp_modules/modules/export_mod/ module to export as rule for the Cisco FireSight manager ACL.
* [GoAML export](misp_modules/modules/export_mod/ module to export in [GoAML format](
* [Lite Export](misp_modules/modules/export_mod/ module to export a lite event.
* [PDF export](misp_modules/modules/export_mod/ module to export an event in PDF.