added CrowdStrike Falcon Intel Indicators expansion module

Christophe Vandeplas 5 years ago
parent 8008d62bc1
commit 8a1a860cda
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@ -21,6 +21,7 @@ For more information: [Extending MISP with Python modules](
* [CIRCL Passive DNS](misp_modules/modules/expansion/ - a hover and expansion module to expand hostname and IP addresses with passive DNS information.
* [CIRCL Passive SSL](misp_modules/modules/expansion/ - a hover and expansion module to expand IP addresses with the X.509 certificate seen.
* [countrycode](misp_modules/modules/expansion/ - a hover module to tell you what country a URL belongs to.
* [CrowdStrike Falcon](misp_modules/modules/expansion/ - an expansion module to expand using CrowdStrike Falcon Intel Indicator API.
* [CVE](misp_modules/modules/expansion/ - a hover module to give more information about a vulnerability (CVE).
* [DNS](misp_modules/modules/expansion/ - a simple module to resolve MISP attributes like hostname and domain to expand IP addresses attributes.
* [DomainTools](misp_modules/modules/expansion/ - a hover and expansion module to get information from [DomainTools]( whois.

@ -2,5 +2,5 @@ from . import _vmray
__all__ = ['vmray_submit', 'asn_history', 'circl_passivedns', 'circl_passivessl',
'countrycode', 'cve', 'dns', 'domaintools', 'eupi', 'farsight_passivedns', 'ipasn', 'passivetotal', 'sourcecache',
'virustotal', 'whois', 'shodan', 'reversedns', 'geoip_country', 'wiki', 'iprep', 'threatminer' ,'otx',
'virustotal', 'whois', 'shodan', 'reversedns', 'geoip_country', 'wiki', 'iprep', 'threatminer', 'otx',
'threatcrowd', 'vulndb', 'crowdstrike_falcon']

@ -0,0 +1,128 @@
import json
import requests
moduleinfo = {'version': '0.1',
'author': 'Christophe Vandeplas',
'description': 'Module to query CrowdStrike Falcon.',
'module-type': ['expansion']}
moduleconfig = ['api_id', 'apikey']
misperrors = {'error': 'Error'}
misp_types_in = ['domain', 'email-attachment', 'email-dst', 'email-reply-to', 'email-src', 'email-subject',
'filename', 'hostname', 'ip', 'ip-src', 'ip-dst', 'md5', 'mutex', 'regkey', 'sha1', 'sha256', 'uri', 'url',
'user-agent', 'whois-registrant-email', 'x509-fingerprint-md5']
mapping_out = { # mapping between the MISP attributes types and the compatible CrowdStrike indicator types.
'domain': {'types': 'hostname', 'to_ids': True},
'email_address': {'types': 'email-src', 'to_ids': True},
'email_subject': {'types': 'email-subject', 'to_ids': True},
'file_name': {'types': 'filename', 'to_ids': True},
'hash_md5': {'types': 'md5', 'to_ids': True},
'hash_sha1': {'types': 'sha1', 'to_ids': True},
'hash_sha256': {'types': 'sha256', 'to_ids': True},
'ip_address': {'types': 'ip-dst', 'to_ids': True},
'ip_address_block': {'types': 'ip-dst', 'to_ids': True},
'mutex_name': {'types': 'mutex', 'to_ids': True},
'registry': {'types': 'regkey', 'to_ids': True},
'url': {'types': 'url', 'to_ids': True},
'user_agent': {'types': 'user-agent', 'to_ids': True},
'x509_serial': {'types': 'x509-fingerprint-md5', 'to_ids': True},
'actors': {'types': 'threat-actor'},
'malware_families': {'types': 'text', 'categories': 'Attribution'}
misp_types_out = [item['types'] for item in mapping_out.values()]
mispattributes = {'input': misp_types_in, 'output': misp_types_out}
def handler(q=False):
if q is False:
return False
request = json.loads(q)
if (request.get('config')):
if (request['config'].get('apikey') is None):
misperrors['error'] = 'CrowdStrike apikey is missing'
return misperrors
if (request['config'].get('api_id') is None):
misperrors['error'] = 'CrowdStrike api_id is missing'
return misperrors
client = CSIntelAPI(request['config']['api_id'], request['config']['apikey'])
r = {"results": []}
valid_type = False
for k in misp_types_in:
if request.get(k):
# map the MISP typ to the CrowdStrike type
for item in lookup_indicator(client, request[k]):
valid_type = True
if not valid_type:
misperrors['error'] = "Unsupported attributes type"
return misperrors
return r
def lookup_indicator(client, item):
result = client.search_indicator(item)
for item in result:
for relation in item['relations']:
if mapping_out.get(relation['type']):
r = mapping_out[relation['type']].copy()
r['values'] = relation['indicator']
for actor in item['actors']:
r = mapping_out['actors'].copy()
r['values'] = actor
for malware_family in item['malware_families']:
r = mapping_out['malware_families'].copy()
r['values'] = malware_family
def introspection():
return mispattributes
def version():
moduleinfo['config'] = moduleconfig
return moduleinfo
class CSIntelAPI():
def __init__(self, custid=None, custkey=None, perpage=100, page=1, baseurl=""):
# customer id and key should be passed when obj is created
self.custid = custid
self.custkey = custkey
self.baseurl = baseurl
self.perpage = perpage = page
def request(self, query):
headers = {'X-CSIX-CUSTID': self.custid,
'X-CSIX-CUSTKEY': self.custkey,
'Content-Type': 'application/json'}
full_query = self.baseurl + query
r = requests.get(full_query, headers=headers)
# 400 - bad request
if r.status_code == 400:
raise Exception('HTTP Error 400 - Bad request.')
# 404 - oh shit
if r.status_code == 404:
raise Exception('HTTP Error 404 - awww snap.')
# catch all?
if r.status_code != 200:
raise Exception('HTTP Error: ' + str(r.status_code))
if r.text:
return r
def search_indicator(self, item):
query = 'indicator?match=' + item
r = self.request(query)
return json.loads(r.text)