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@ -34,6 +34,7 @@ For more information: [Extending MISP with Python modules](
### Export modules
* [CEF](misp_modules/modules/export_mod/ module to export Common Event Format (CEF).
* [Lite Export](/misp-modules/blob/master/misp_modules/modules/export_mod/ module to export a lite event.
### Import modules
@ -352,6 +353,23 @@ Recommended Plugin.Import_ocr_enabled true Enable or disable the ocr
In this same menu set any other plugin settings that are required for testing.
## Install misp-module on an offline instance.
First, you need to grab all necessery packages for example like this :
Use pip wheel to create an archive
mkdir misp-modules-offline
pip3 wheel -r REQUIREMENTS shodan --wheel-dir=./misp-modules-offline
tar -cjvf misp-module-bundeled.tar.bz2 ./misp-modules-offline/*
On offline machine :
mkdir misp-modules-bundle
tar xvf misp-module-bundeled.tar.bz2 -C misp-modules-bundle
cd misp-modules-bundle
ls -1|while read line; do sudo pip3 install --force-reinstall --ignore-installed --upgrade --no-index --no-deps ${line};done
Next you can follow standard install procedure.
## How to contribute your own module?