chg: Made circl_passivedns module able to return MISP objects

chrisr3d 2019-12-17 11:18:21 +01:00
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@ -1,41 +1,64 @@
import json
import pypdns
from pymisp import MISPAttribute, MISPEvent, MISPObject
misperrors = {'error': 'Error'}
mispattributes = {'input': ['hostname', 'domain', 'ip-src', 'ip-dst'], 'output': ['freetext']}
moduleinfo = {'version': '0.1', 'author': 'Alexandre Dulaunoy', 'description': 'Module to access CIRCL Passive DNS', 'module-type': ['expansion', 'hover']}
mispattributes = {'input': ['hostname', 'domain', 'ip-src', 'ip-dst'], 'format': 'misp_standard'}
moduleinfo = {'version': '0.2', 'author': 'Alexandre Dulaunoy',
'description': 'Module to access CIRCL Passive DNS',
'module-type': ['expansion', 'hover']}
moduleconfig = ['username', 'password']
class PassiveDNSParser():
def __init__(self, attribute, authentication):
self.misp_event = MISPEvent()
self.attribute = MISPAttribute()
self.pdns = pypdns.PyPDNS(basic_auth=authentication)
def get_results(self):
if hasattr(self, 'result'):
return self.result
event = json.loads(self.misp_event.to_json())
results = {key:event[key] for key in ('Attribute', 'Object')}
return {'results': results}
def parse(self, value):
results = self.pdns.query(self.attribute.value)
except Exception:
self.result = {'error': 'There is an authentication error, please make sure you supply correct credentials.'}
mapping = {'count': 'counter', 'origin': 'text',
'time_first': 'datetime', 'rrtype': 'text',
'rrname': 'text', 'rdata': 'text',
'time_last': 'datetime'}
for result in results:
pdns_object = MISPObject('passive-dns')
for relation, attribute_type in mapping.items():
pdns_object.add_attribute(relation, type=attribute_type, value=result[relation])
pdns_object.add_reference(self.attribute.uuid, 'associated-to')
def handler(q=False):
if q is False:
return False
request = json.loads(q)
if request.get('hostname'):
toquery = request['hostname']
elif request.get('domain'):
toquery = request['domain']
elif request.get('ip-src'):
toquery = request['ip-src']
elif request.get('ip-dst'):
toquery = request['ip-dst']
misperrors['error'] = "Unsupported attributes type"
return misperrors
if (request.get('config')):
if (request['config'].get('username') is None) or (request['config'].get('password') is None):
misperrors['error'] = 'CIRCL Passive DNS authentication is missing'
return misperrors
x = pypdns.PyPDNS(basic_auth=(request['config']['username'], request['config']['password']))
res = x.query(toquery)
out = ''
for v in res:
out = out + "{} ".format(v['rdata'])
r = {'results': [{'types': mispattributes['output'], 'values': out}]}
return r
if not request.get('config'):
return {'error': 'CIRCL Passive DNS authentication is missing.'}
if not request['config'].get('username') or not request['config'].get('password'):
return {'error': 'CIRCL Passive DNS authentication is incomplete, please provide your username and password.'}
authentication = (request['config']['username'], request['config']['password'])
if not request.get('attribute'):
return {'error': 'Unsupported input.'}
attribute = request['attribute']
if not any(input_type == attribute['type'] for input_type in mispattributes['input']):
return {'error': 'Unsupported attributes type'}
pdns_parser = PassiveDNSParser(attribute, authentication)
return pdns_parser.get_results()
def introspection():