Fixed a bug with wrong dates conversion

Codelinefi-admin 4 years ago
parent b67aca09e5
commit c19989e217
  1. 15

@ -79,29 +79,36 @@ def handler(q=False):
misperrors['error'] = 'Unknown error'
return misperrors
date_created = \
response.block_details.date_created.strftime('%d %B %Y') if response.block_details.date_created else None
date_updated = \
response.block_details.date_updated.strftime('%d %B %Y') if response.block_details.date_updated else None
results = {
'results': [
{'types': ['text'], 'values':
# Mac address details
'Valid MAC address': "True" if response.mac_address_details.is_valid else "False",
'Transmission type': response.mac_address_details.transmission_type,
'Administration type': response.mac_address_details.administration_type,
# Vendor details
'OUI': response.vendor_details.oui,
'Vendor details are hidden': "True" if response.vendor_details.is_private else "False",
'Company name': response.vendor_details.company_name,
'Company\'s address': response.vendor_details.company_address,
'County code': response.vendor_details.country_code,
# Block details
'Block found': "True" if response.block_details.block_found else "False",
'The left border of the range': response.block_details.border_left,
'The right border of the range': response.block_details.border_right,
'The total number of MAC addresses in this range': response.block_details.block_size,
'Assignment block size': response.block_details.assignment_block_size,
'Date when the range was allocated': response.block_details.date_created,
'Date when the range was last updated': response.block_details.date_updated
'Date when the range was allocated': date_created,
'Date when the range was last updated': date_updated