Add Recorded Future expansion module

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@ -69,6 +69,7 @@ For more information: [Extending MISP with Python modules](https://www.misp-proj
* [pptx-enrich](misp_modules/modules/expansion/ - an enrichment module to get text out of PowerPoint document into MISP (using free-text parser).
* [qrcode](misp_modules/modules/expansion/ - a module decode QR code, barcode and similar codes from an image and enrich with the decoded values.
* [rbl](misp_modules/modules/expansion/ - a module to get RBL (Real-Time Blackhost List) values from an attribute.
* [recordedfuture](misp_modules/modules/expansion/ - a hover and expansion module for enriching MISP attributes with threat intelligence from Recorded Future.
* [reversedns](misp_modules/modules/expansion/ - Simple Reverse DNS expansion service to resolve reverse DNS from MISP attributes.
* [securitytrails](misp_modules/modules/expansion/ - an expansion module for [securitytrails](
* [shodan](misp_modules/modules/expansion/ - a minimal [shodan]( expansion module.

@ -18,4 +18,4 @@ __all__ = ['cuckoo_submit', 'vmray_submit', 'bgpranking', 'circl_passivedns', 'c
'virustotal_public', 'apiosintds', 'urlscan', 'securitytrails', 'apivoid',
'assemblyline_submit', 'assemblyline_query', 'ransomcoindb', 'malwarebazaar',
'lastline_query', 'lastline_submit', 'sophoslabs_intelix', 'cytomic_orion', 'censys_enrich',
'trustar_enrich', 'recordedfuture']

@ -0,0 +1,280 @@
import json
import logging
import requests
from urllib.parse import quote
from pymisp import MISPAttribute, MISPEvent, MISPTag, MISPObject
moduleinfo = {'version': '1.0', 'author': 'Recorded Future',
'description': 'Module to retrieve data from Recorded Future',
'module-type': ['expansion', 'hover']}
moduleconfig = ['token']
misperrors = {'error': 'Error'}
mispattributes = {'input': ['ip', 'ip-src', 'ip-dst', 'domain', 'hostname', 'md5', 'sha1', 'sha256',
'uri', 'url', 'vulnerability', 'weakness'],
'output': ['ip', 'ip-src', 'ip-dst', 'domain', 'hostname', 'md5', 'sha1', 'sha256',
'uri', 'url', 'vulnerability', 'weakness', 'email-src', 'text'],
'format': 'misp_standard'}
LOGGER = logging.getLogger('recorded_future')
def rf_lookup(api_token: str, category: str, ioc: str) -> requests.Response:
"""Do a lookup call using Recorded Future's ConnectAPI."""
auth_header = {"X-RFToken": api_token}
parsed_ioc = quote(ioc, safe='')
url = f'{category}/{parsed_ioc}?fields=risk%2CrelatedEntities'
response = requests.get(url, headers=auth_header)
return response
class GalaxyFinder:
"""A class for finding MISP galaxy matches to Recorded Future data."""
def __init__(self):
self.session = requests.Session()
self.sources = {
'RelatedThreatActor': [''
'RelatedMalware': ['',
self.galaxy_clusters = {}
def pull_galaxy_cluster(self, related_type: str):
"""Fetches galaxy clusters for the related_type from the remote json files specified as self.sources."""
# Only fetch clusters if not fetched previously
if not self.galaxy_clusters.get(related_type):
for source in self.sources.get(related_type):
response = self.session.get(source)
if response.ok:
name = source.split('/')[-1].split('.')[0]
self.galaxy_clusters[related_type] = {name: response.json()}
else:'pull_galaxy_cluster failed for source: {source},'
f' got response: {response}, {response.reason}.')
def find_galaxy_match(self, indicator: str, related_type: str) -> str:
"""Searches the clusters of the related_type for a match with the indicator.
:returns the first matching galaxy string or an empty string if no galaxy match is found.
for cluster_name, cluster in self.galaxy_clusters[related_type].items():
for value in cluster['values']:
if indicator in value['meta']['synonyms'] or indicator in value['value']:
value = value['value']
return f'misp-galaxy:{cluster_name}="{value}"'
except KeyError:
except KeyError:
return ''
class RFColors:
"""Class for setting signature RF-colors."""
def __init__(self):
self.rf_white = '#CCCCCC'
self.rf_yellow = '#FFCE00'
self.rf_red = '#CF0A2C'
def riskscore_color(self, risk_score: int) -> str:
"""Returns appropriate hex-colors according to risk score."""
risk_score = int(risk_score)
if risk_score < 25:
return self.rf_white
elif risk_score < 65:
return self.rf_yellow
return self.rf_red
def riskrule_color(self, risk_rule_criticality: int) -> str:
"""Returns appropriate hex-colors according to risk rule criticality."""
risk_rule_criticality = int(risk_rule_criticality)
if risk_rule_criticality == 1:
return self.rf_white
elif risk_rule_criticality == 2:
return self.rf_yellow
else: # risk_rule_criticality == 3 or 4
return self.rf_red
class RFEnricher:
"""Class for enriching an attribute with data from Recorded Future.
The enrichment data is returned as a custom MISP object.
def __init__(self, api_token: str, attribute_props: dict):
self.api_token = api_token
self.event = MISPEvent()
self.enrichment_object = MISPObject('Recorded Future Enrichment')
self.enrichment_object.from_dict(**{'meta-category': 'misc',
'description': 'An object containing the enriched attribute and related '
'entities from Recorded Future.',
'distribution': 0})
# Create a copy of enriched attribute to add tags to
temp_attr = MISPAttribute()
self.enriched_attribute = MISPAttribute()
self.enriched_attribute.from_dict(**{'value': temp_attr.value, 'type': temp_attr.type, 'distribution': 0})
self.related_attributes = []
self.color_picker = RFColors()
self.galaxy_finder = GalaxyFinder()
# Mapping from MISP-type to RF-type
self.type_to_rf_category = {'ip': 'ip', 'ip-src': 'ip', 'ip-dst': 'ip',
'domain': 'domain', 'hostname': 'domain',
'md5': 'hash', 'sha1': 'hash', 'sha256': 'hash',
'uri': 'url', 'url': 'url',
'vulnerability': 'vulnerability', 'weakness': 'vulnerability'}
# Related entities from RF portrayed as related attributes in MISP
self.related_attribute_types = ['RelatedIpAddress', 'RelatedInternetDomainName', 'RelatedHash',
'RelatedEmailAddress', 'RelatedCyberVulnerability']
# Related entities from RF portrayed as tags in MISP
self.galaxy_tag_types = ['RelatedMalware', 'RelatedThreatActor']
def enrich(self):
"""Run the enrichment."""
category = self.type_to_rf_category.get(self.enriched_attribute.type)
response = rf_lookup(self.api_token, category, self.enriched_attribute.value)
json_response = json.loads(response.content)
except requests.HTTPError as error:
misperrors['error'] = f'Error when requesting data from Recorded Future. ' \
f'{error.response} : {error.response.reason}'
raise error
# Add risk score and risk rules as tags to the enriched attribute
risk_score = json_response['data']['risk']['score']
hex_color = self.color_picker.riskscore_color(risk_score)
tag_name = f'recorded-future:risk-score="{risk_score}"'
self.add_tag(tag_name, hex_color)
for evidence in json_response['data']['risk']['evidenceDetails']:
risk_rule = evidence['rule']
criticality = evidence['criticality']
hex_color = self.color_picker.riskrule_color(criticality)
tag_name = f'recorded-future:risk-rule="{risk_rule}"'
self.add_tag(tag_name, hex_color)
# Retrieve related entities
for related_entity in json_response['data']['relatedEntities']:
related_type = related_entity['type']
if related_type in self.related_attribute_types:
# Related entities returned as additional attributes
for related in related_entity['entities']:
if int(related["count"]) > 4:
indicator = related['entity']['name']
self.add_related_attribute(indicator, related_type)
elif related_type in self.galaxy_tag_types:
# Related entities added as galaxy-tags to the enriched attribute
galaxy_tags = []
for related in related_entity['entities']:
if int(related["count"]) > 4:
indicator = related['entity']['name']
galaxy = self.galaxy_finder.find_galaxy_match(indicator, related_type)
# Handle deduplication of galaxy tags
if galaxy and galaxy not in galaxy_tags:
for galaxy in galaxy_tags:
except KeyError as error:
misperrors['error'] = 'Unexpected format in Recorded Future api response.'
raise error
def add_related_attribute(self, indicator: str, related_type: str) -> None:
"""Helper method for adding an indicator to the related attribute list."""
out_type = self.get_output_type(related_type, indicator)
attribute = MISPAttribute()
attribute.from_dict(**{'value': indicator, 'type': out_type, 'distribution': 0})
self.related_attributes.append((related_type, attribute))
def add_tag(self, tag_name: str, hex_color: str = None) -> None:
"""Helper method for adding a tag to the enriched attribute."""
tag = MISPTag()
tag_properties = {'name': tag_name}
if hex_color:
tag_properties['colour'] = hex_color
def get_output_type(self, related_type: str, indicator: str) -> str:
"""Helper method for translating a Recorded Future related type to a MISP output type."""
output_type = 'text'
if related_type == 'RelatedIpAddress':
output_type = 'ip-dst'
elif related_type == 'RelatedInternetDomainName':
output_type = 'domain'
elif related_type == 'RelatedHash':
hash_len = len(indicator)
if hash_len == 64:
output_type = 'sha256'
elif hash_len == 40:
output_type = 'sha1'
elif hash_len == 32:
output_type = 'md5'
elif related_type == 'RelatedEmailAddress':
output_type = 'email-src'
elif related_type == 'RelatedCyberVulnerability':
signature = indicator.split('-')[0]
if signature == 'CVE':
output_type = 'vulnerability'
elif signature == 'CWE':
output_type = 'weakness'
return output_type
def get_results(self) -> dict:
"""Build and return the enrichment results."""
self.enrichment_object.add_attribute('Enriched attribute', **self.enriched_attribute)
for related_type, attribute in self.related_attributes:
self.enrichment_object.add_attribute(related_type, **attribute)
event = json.loads(self.event.to_json())
result = {key: event[key] for key in ['Object'] if key in event}
return {'results': result}
def handler(q=False):
"""Handle enrichment."""
if q is False:
return False
request = json.loads(q)
if request.get('config') and request['config'].get('token'):
token = request['config'].get('token')
misperrors['error'] = 'Missing Recorded Future token.'
return misperrors
input_attribute = request.get('attribute')
rf_enricher = RFEnricher(token, input_attribute)
except (requests.HTTPError, KeyError):
return misperrors
return rf_enricher.get_results()
def introspection():
"""Returns a dict of the supported attributes."""
return mispattributes
def version():
"""Returns a dict with the version and the associated meta-data
including potential configurations required of the module."""
moduleinfo['config'] = moduleconfig
return moduleinfo