add comment of attributes

Sebdraven 2018-06-20 15:07:55 +02:00
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commit d0f42c1772
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@ -197,11 +197,13 @@ def expand_pastries(api, misperror, **kwargs):
if 'hostname' in item:
r.append({'types': ['url'], 'values': urls_pasties,
'categories': ['External analysis']})
r.append({'types': ['url'],
'values': urls_pasties,
'categories': ['External analysis'],
'comment':'URLs of pasties where %s has found' % ip})
r.append({'types': ['domain'], 'values': list(set(domains)),
'categories': ['Network activity'],
'comment': 'domains found in pasties of Onyphe'})
'comment': 'Domains found in pasties of Onyphe'})
r.append({'types': ['ip-dst'], 'values': list(set(ips)),
'categories': ['Network activity'],