fix: Avoid issues when some config fields are not set

chrisr3d 2019-10-29 11:04:29 +01:00
parent 752fbde5ee
commit dc7463a67e
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1 changed files with 9 additions and 7 deletions

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@ -70,11 +70,15 @@ def handler(q=False):
r = {"results": []}
if request.get('config'):
if request['config'].get('cache').lower() == "yes":
if request['config'].get('cache') and request['config']['cache'].lower() == "yes":
submitcache = True
if len(request['config'].get('cache_directory').strip()) > 0:
if os.access(request['config'].get('cache_directory'), os.W_OK):
submitcache_directory = request['config'].get('cache_directory')
if request['config'].get('import_related_hashes') and request['config']['import_related_hashes'].lower() == "yes":
import_related_hashes = True
if submitcache:
cache_directory = request['config'].get('cache_directory')
if cache_directory and len(cache_directory) > 0:
if os.access(cache_directory, os.W_OK):
submitcache_directory = cache_directory
ErrorMSG = "Cache directory is not writable. Please fix it before."
@ -86,12 +90,10 @@ def handler(q=False):
misperrors['error'] = ErrorMSG
return misperrors
log.debug("Cache option is set to " + request['config'].get('cache') + ". You are not using the internal cache system and this is NOT recommended!")
log.debug("Cache option is set to " + str(submitcache) + ". You are not using the internal cache system and this is NOT recommended!")
log.debug("Please, consider to turn on the cache setting it to 'Yes' and specifing a writable directory for the cache directory option.")
response = apiosintDS.request(entities=tosubmit, cache=submitcache, cachedirectory=submitcache_directory, verbose=True)
if request['config'].get('import_related_hashes').lower() == "yes":
import_related_hashes = True
r["results"] += reversed(apiosintParser(response, import_related_hashes))
except Exception as e: