added comments and increased page size to max for get_indicator_summaries

Jesse Hedden 2020-06-22 13:47:25 -07:00
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commit f13233d04c
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@ -48,6 +48,9 @@ class TruSTARParser:
def get_results(self):
Returns the MISP Event enriched with TruSTAR indicator summary data.
event = json.loads(self.misp_event.to_json())
results = {key: event[key] for key in ('Attribute', 'Object') if (key in event and event[key])}
return {'results': results}
@ -65,7 +68,14 @@ class TruSTARParser:
return report_links
def parse_indicator_summary(self, attribute, summaries):
def parse_indicator_summary(self, summaries):
Converts a response from the TruSTAR /1.3/indicators/summaries endpoint
a MISP trustar_report object and adds the summary data and links as attributes.
:param summaries: <generator> A TruSTAR Python SDK Page.generator object for generating
indicator summaries pages.
for summary in summaries:
trustar_obj = MISPObject('trustar_report')
@ -96,7 +106,7 @@ class TruSTARParser:
attribute = request['attribute']
trustar_parser = TruSTARParser(attribute, config)
summaries = trustar_parser.ts_client.get_indicator_summaries([attribute['value']])
summaries = trustar_parser.ts_client.get_indicator_summaries([attribute['value']], page_size=100)
trustar_parser.parse_indicator_summary(attribute, summaries)
return trustar_parser.get_results()