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chrisr3d f1dac0c8df
fix: Fixed pep8 3 years ago
chrisr3d d2661c7a20
fix: Fixed pep8 + some copy paste issues introduced with the latest commits 3 years ago
chrisr3d 3ab67b23b6
fix: Avoid issues with the attribute value field name 3 years ago
chrisr3d 3b7a5c4dc2
add: Specific error message for misp_standard format expansion modules 3 years ago
chrisr3d 0b4d6738de
fix: Making pep8 happy 3 years ago
bennyv 6c00f02e42 Removed Unused Import 3 years ago
bennyv 0a8a829ac1 Fixed handler error handling for missing config 3 years ago
bennyv a32685df8a Initial Build of SOPHOSLabs Intelix Product 3 years ago