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chrisr3d 824c0031b3
fix: Catching errors in the reponse of the query to URLhaus 2 years ago
chrisr3d d4eb88c66a
fix: Avoiding various modules to fail with uncritical issues 2 years ago
chrisr3d 0b603fc5d3
fix: Fixed unnecessary dictionary field call 2 years ago
chrisr3d 9e45d302b1
fix: Testing if an object is not empty before adding it the the event 3 years ago
chrisr3d d4bc85259d
fix: Removed unused library 3 years ago
root 2439d5f75d
fix: Fixed object_id variable name typo 3 years ago
chrisr3d 0b92fd5a53
fix: Making json_decode even happier with full json format 3 years ago
chrisr3d 62bc45e03a
fix: Using to_dict on attributes & objects instead of to_json to make json_decode happy in the core part 3 years ago
chrisr3d 9c8ee1f3d7
new: Expansion module to query urlhaus API 3 years ago