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szopin 79e067188e
Fix for ocr import 9 months ago
chrisr3d 38047f2718
chg: [joe_import] Changed the user configuration param `Import PE` into `Import Executable` 1 year ago
Michael Chisholm 24070bfab7 Add workaround for PyMISP bug regarding conversion of objects 1 year ago
Michael Chisholm 923fd05eb3 Contribute a TAXII 2.1 import style misp-module. 1 year ago
Derek LaHousse 6c4e788110 It seems alright to leave the field empty, just have to check that it is empty 1 year ago
Jason Zhang 83fd44ed13 add vmware_nsx module 2 years ago
Aaron Kaplan 4078119db0 fix the last issues of #493 2 years ago
aaronkaplan 6824b4e991
push version 2 years ago
aaronkaplan 4816844d16
Add a function to validate dnsdbflex output 2 years ago
Alexandre Dulaunoy 77035a82e0
chg: [cof2misp] bailiwick is optional 2 years ago
root 117200f334 oops, there was a minor error. print(..., file=sys.stDerr) . Typo! 2 years ago
aaronkaplan 09f0f3943a
Add license text. No logical changes in this commit 2 years ago
Alexandre Dulaunoy c6d02cc177
chg: [cof2misp] debugging removed 2 years ago
Alexandre Dulaunoy 10b5295cdd
chg: [cof2misp] remove logging in the misp-modules 2 years ago
aaronkaplan f1da1dd6fa Version 0.2 of the cof2misp import module. 2 years ago
aaronkaplan c06b8ff604 Version 0.2 of the cof2misp import module. 2 years ago
Jakub Onderka 38457f0a7b
fix: Consider mail body as UTF-8 encoded 2 years ago
Jens Thom 0e4e432dc4 fix imports and unused variables 3 years ago
Jens Thom 2a870f2d97 * add parser for report version v1 and v2 3 years ago
Raphaël Vinot 2dde6e8757
fix: Typo in EMailObject 3 years ago
chrisr3d f99174af2e
fix: Removed multiple spaces to comply with pep8 3 years ago
chrisr3d 26b0357ac7
fix: Making pep8 happy 3 years ago
Jesse Hedden f45d9964f3 removed obsoleted module name 3 years ago
chrisr3d c0dae2b31b
fix: Removed trustar_import module name in init to avoid validation issues 3 years ago
Jesse Hedden a70558945a removed obsolete file 3 years ago
Jesse Hedden 67bdb38fc8 WIP: initial push 3 years ago
Jesse Hedden 8a95a000ee initial commit. not a working product. need to create a class to manage the MISP event and TruStar client 3 years ago
chrisr3d 422f654988
fix: Making pep8 happy with indentation 3 years ago
Jakub Onderka fe34023866
csvimport: Return error if input is not valid UTF-8 3 years ago
Hendrik 8f9940200b Lastline verify_ssl option 3 years ago
chrisr3d b2c8f79220
fix: Making pep8 happy 3 years ago
Georg Schölly 04685ea63e joe: (1) allow users to disable PE object import (2) set 'to_ids' to False 3 years ago
Stefano Ortolani 66bf650b79 change: migrate to analysis API when submitting tasks to Lastline 3 years ago
chrisr3d cf5ad29f27
chg: Checking attributes category 3 years ago
Raphaël Vinot b70c32af7b fix: Somewhat broken emails needed some love 4 years ago
Raphaël Vinot 6f95445143 chg: Update email import module, support objects 4 years ago
Stefano Ortolani f749578525 add: Modules to query/import/submit data from/to Lastline 4 years ago
chrisr3d 91d6f1baa0
fix: Fixed csv file parsing 4 years ago
chrisr3d fe1987101d
fix: Making pep8 happy 4 years ago
chrisr3d c5c5c16ff1
fix: Avoiding errors with uncommon lines 4 years ago
chrisr3d 3d7de2dc22
fix: Fixed unassigned variable name 4 years ago
chrisr3d ffe43acd89
fix: Removed no longer used variables 4 years ago
chrisr3d cfc6438c47
fix: csv import rework & improvement 4 years ago
Pierre-Jean Grenier b2ab727f9b fix: prevent symlink attacks 4 years ago
Pierre-Jean Grenier 413cc2469f chg: [cuckooimport] Handle archives downloaded from both the WebUI and the API 4 years ago
Pierre-Jean Grenier 6ba6f8bb1f new: Rewrite cuckooimport 4 years ago
chrisr3d 0b603fc5d3
fix: Fixed unnecessary dictionary field call 4 years ago
chrisr3d aa3e873845
fix: Making pep8 happy + added joe_import module in the init list 4 years ago
chrisr3d 0d40830a7f
fix: Some quick fixes 4 years ago
chrisr3d 74b73f9332
chg: Moved JoeParser class to make it reachable from expansion & import modules 4 years ago