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chrisr3d df7047dff0
fix: Fixed output format to match with the recent changes on modules 3 years ago
root f900cb7c68
fix: Fixed introspection fields for csvimport & goamlimport 3 years ago
Raphaël Vinot 8fc5b1fd1f fix: Make pep8 happy 3 years ago
chrisr3d 4d7642ac91
add: Added Object References in the objects imported 4 years ago
chrisr3d 82fe8ba78c
fix: Fixed input & output of the module 4 years ago
chrisr3d 323f71cdd3
Fixed some details about the module output 4 years ago
chrisr3d 8f5c08e2c6
Converting GoAML into MISPEvent 4 years ago
chrisr3d cad62464c5
Now parsing all the transaction attributes 4 years ago
chrisr3d 478cd53912
add: Added dictionary to map aml types into MISP types 4 years ago
chrisr3d 81a6be17d3
chg: Structurded data 4 years ago
chrisr3d f361fb4ee3
Reading the entire document, to create a big dictionary containing the data, as a beginning 4 years ago