75 Commits (1de689015206b1d7a1ad04ae89d1e14b6989ad8f)

Author SHA1 Message Date
chrisr3d f5452055f6
fix: Fixed vt_graph imports 3 years ago
chrisr3d 70b3079aa3
fix: Fixed pep8 in the new module and related libraries 3 years ago
Alvaro Garcia 10b4e78704 add vt_graph export module 3 years ago
Braden Laverick 717be2b859 Removed extraneous comments and unused imports 4 years ago
Braden Laverick dc4c09f751 Fixed python links 4 years ago
Braden Laverick 62d25b1f76 Changed file name to mass eql export 4 years ago
Braden Laverick 08fc938acd Fixed comments 4 years ago
Braden Laverick 2a4c7ff150 Added ors for compound queries 4 years ago
Braden Laverick 5802575e44 Fixed string formatting 4 years ago
Braden Laverick 3142b0ab02 Fixed type error in JSON parsing 4 years ago
Braden Laverick c3ccc9c577 Attempting to import endgame module 4 years ago
Braden Laverick 8ac4b610b8 Added endgame export to __all__ 4 years ago
Braden Laverick 3e44181aed Added EQL export test module 4 years ago
Raphaël Vinot f5167c2f23 fix: Make flake8 happy. 4 years ago
iceone23 d24a6e2e24
Create cisco_firesight_manager_ACL_rule_export.py 4 years ago
Falconieri 32e10ee273 fix: [exportpdf] custom path parameter 4 years ago
Falconieri a30bcc5dd2 fix: [exportpdf] add parameters 4 years ago
Falconieri 7d7c90143e fix: [exportpdf] mising whitespace 4 years ago
Falconieri aef8dbbe2e fix: [exportpdf] problem on one line 4 years ago
Falconieri a2716bc05d fix: [exportpdf] add configmodule parameter for galaxy 4 years ago
Falconieri a937b7c85d fix: [reportlab] Textual description parameter 4 years ago
Alexandre Dulaunoy e7fd7e8eb2
chg: [pdfexport] make flake8 happy 4 years ago
Falconieri a3a871f2fa fix [exportpdf] update parameters for links generation 4 years ago
Falconieri 40cd32f1b8 tidy: Remove old dead export code 4 years ago
Falconieri a93b34208f fix: [pdfexport] Bugfix on PyMisp exportpdf call 4 years ago
Falconieri 2d29ce11bb Test 1 - PDF call 4 years ago
Vincent-CIRCL be01d54779 print values 4 years ago
Vincent-CIRCL 2753f354ab test update 4 years ago
Raphaël Vinot 454c9e0f43 fix: Pep8 related fixes. 4 years ago
milkmix 02cdc11445 added 2 blank lines to comply w/ pep8 5 years ago
milkmix 615a56f9bb removed unused re module 5 years ago
milkmix b64c3e4bf4 added domain attributes support 5 years ago
milkmix 537f9132f5 support for md5 and sha1 hashes 5 years ago
milkmix 5ab8b605bb first export feature: sha1 attributes nxql query 5 years ago
Raphaël Vinot 8fc5b1fd1f fix: Make pep8 happy 5 years ago
milkmix e8761c1664 super simple support for mutexes through winbaseobj in osquery 3.3 5 years ago
milkmix 78b4aade08 corrected typos and unused imports 5 years ago
chrisr3d d15cbe58fe
fix: Quick cleanup 5 years ago
chrisr3d 63c3252062
fix: Put the report location parsing in a try/catch statement as it is an optional field 5 years ago
Steve Clement 562a6b1308 - Removed test modules from view 5 years ago
milkmix 349dd99d47 added support for scheduledtasks 5 years ago
milkmix 7c037ed090 added support for service-displayname, regkey|value 5 years ago
milkmix 0c6a205136 initial implementation supporting regkey. mutexes support waiting osquery table 5 years ago
chrisr3d a02dbd6a8d
fix: Fixed typo of the aml type for country codes 5 years ago
chrisr3d 5df2d309a0
typo 5 years ago
chrisr3d 359ac9100e
fix: typo in references mapping dictionary 5 years ago
Christian Studer 983b7da7b7
fix: Added an object checking 5 years ago
chrisr3d b2b0fccd47
fix: Added an object checking 5 years ago
chrisr3d c942013812
chg: Modified the mapping dictionary to support misp-objects updates 5 years ago
chrisr3d 5995458aab
fix: Added the moduleinfo field need to have MISP event in standard format 5 years ago