Modules for expansion services, import and export in MISP
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import json
import binascii
import np
import pandas
import io
misperrors = {'error': 'Error'}
mispattributes = {'input': ['attachment'],
'output': ['freetext', 'text']}
moduleinfo = {'version': '0.1', 'author': 'Sascha Rommelfangen',
'description': '.xlsx to freetext-import IOC extractor',
'module-type': ['expansion']}
moduleconfig = []
def handler(q=False):
if q is False:
return False
q = json.loads(q)
filename = q['attachment']
xlsx_array = np.frombuffer(binascii.a2b_base64(q['data']), np.uint8)
except Exception as e:
err = "Couldn't fetch attachment (JSON 'data' is empty). Are you using the 'Query enrichment' action?"
misperrors['error'] = err
return misperrors
xls_content = ""
xls_file = io.BytesIO(xlsx_array)
pandas.set_option('display.max_colwidth', -1)
xls = pandas.read_excel(xls_file)
xls_content = xls.to_string(max_rows=None)
return {'results': [{'types': ['freetext'], 'values': xls_content, 'comment': ".xlsx-to-text from file " + filename},
{'types': ['text'], 'values': xls_content, 'comment': ".xlsx-to-text from file " + filename}]}
except Exception as e:
err = "Couldn't analyze file as .xlsx. Error was: " + str(e)
misperrors['error'] = err
return misperrors
def introspection():
return mispattributes
def version():
moduleinfo['config'] = moduleconfig
return moduleinfo