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This module provides a Python object wrapper for MISP objects.
class MispAttribute(object):
"""Python object wrapper for MISP attribute.
type (str): VirusTotal node type.
category (str): MISP attribute category.
value (str): node id.
label (str): node name.
misp_type (str): MISP node type.
"hostname": "domain",
"domain": "domain",
"ip-src": "ip_address",
"ip-dst": "ip_address",
"url": "url",
"filename|X": "file",
"filename": "file",
"md5": "file",
"sha1": "file",
"sha256": "file",
"target-user": "victim",
"target-email": "email"
def __init__(self, misp_type, category, value, label=""):
"""Constructor for a MispAttribute.
misp_type (str): MISP type attribute.
category (str): MISP category attribute.
value (str): attribute value.
label (str): attribute label.
if misp_type.startswith("filename|"):
label, value = value.split("|")
misp_type = "filename|X"
if misp_type == "filename":
label = value
self.type = self.MISP_TYPES_REFERENCE.get(misp_type)
self.category = category
self.value = value
self.label = label
self.misp_type = misp_type
def __eq__(self, other):
return (isinstance(other, self.__class__) and self.value == other.value and
self.type == other.type)
def __repr__(self):
return 'MispAttribute("{type}", "{category}", "{value}")'.format(type=self.type, category=self.category, value=self.value)