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Export module for converting MISP events into Endgame EQL queries
import base64
import io
import json
import logging
misperrors = {"error": "Error"}
moduleinfo = {
"version": "0.1",
"author": "92 COS DOM",
"description": "Export MISP event in Event Query Language",
"module-type": ["export"]
# Map of MISP fields => Endgame fields
fieldmap = {
"ip-src": "source_address",
"ip-dst": "destination_address",
"filename": "file_name"
# Describe what events have what fields
event_types = {
"source_address": "network",
"destination_address": "network",
"file_name": "file"
# combine all the MISP fields from fieldmap into one big list
mispattributes = {
"input": list(fieldmap.keys())
def handler(q=False):
Convert a MISP query into a CSV file matching the ThreatConnect Structured Import file format.
q: Query dictionary
if q is False or not q:
return False
# Check if we were given a configuration
request = json.loads(q)
config = request.get("config", {"Default_Source": ""})
logging.info("Setting config to: %s", config)
response = io.StringIO()
# start parsing MISP data
queryDict = {}
for event in request["data"]:
for attribute in event["Attribute"]:
if attribute["type"] in mispattributes["input"]:
logging.debug("Adding %s to EQL query", attribute["value"])
event_type = event_types[fieldmap[attribute["type"]]]
if event_type not in queryDict.keys():
queryDict[event_type] = {}
queryDict[event_type][attribute["value"]] = fieldmap[attribute["type"]]
i = 0
for query in queryDict.keys():
response.write("{} where\n".format(query))
for value in queryDict[query].keys():
if i != 0:
response.write(" or\n")
response.write("\t{} == \"{}\"".format(queryDict[query][value], value))
i += 1
return {"response": [], "data": str(base64.b64encode(bytes(response.getvalue(), 'utf-8')), 'utf-8')}
def introspection():
Relay the supported attributes to MISP.
No Input
Dictionary of supported MISP attributes
modulesetup = {
"responseType": "application/txt",
"outputFileExtension": "txt",
"userConfig": {},
"inputSource": []
return modulesetup
def version():
Relay module version and associated metadata to MISP.
No Input
moduleinfo: metadata output containing all potential configuration values
return moduleinfo