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import json
import pymisp
from pymisp import MISPAttribute, MISPEvent, MISPObject
from trustar import TruStar
misperrors = {'error': "Error"}
mispattributes = {
'input': ["btc", "domain", "email-src", "filename", "hostname", "ip-src", "ip-dst", "malware-type", "md5", "sha1",
"sha256", "url"], 'format': 'misp_standard'}
moduleinfo = {'version': "0.1", 'author': "Jesse Hedden",
'description': "Enrich data with TruSTAR",
'module-type': ["hover", "expansion"]}
moduleconfig = ["user_api_key", "user_api_secret", "enclave_ids"]
MAX_PAGE_SIZE = 100 # Max allowable page size returned from /1.3/indicators/summaries endpoint
class TruSTARParser:
'CIDR_BLOCK': "ip-src",
'CVE': "vulnerability",
'URL': "url",
'EMAIL_ADDRESS': "email-src",
'SOFTWARE': "filename",
'IP': "ip-src",
'MALWARE': "malware-type",
'MD5': "md5",
'REGISTRY_KEY': "regkey",
'SHA1': "sha1",
'SHA256': "sha256"
REPORT_BASE_URL = "https://station.trustar.co/constellation/reports/{}"
CLIENT_METATAG = "MISP-{}".format(pymisp.__version__)
def __init__(self, attribute, config):
config['enclave_ids'] = config.get('enclave_ids', "").strip().split(',')
config['client_metatag'] = self.CLIENT_METATAG
self.ts_client = TruStar(config=config)
self.misp_event = MISPEvent()
self.misp_attribute = MISPAttribute()
def get_results(self):
Returns the MISP Event enriched with TruSTAR indicator summary data.
event = json.loads(self.misp_event.to_json())
results = {key: event[key] for key in ('Attribute', 'Object') if (key in event and event[key])}
return {'results': results}
def generate_trustar_links(self, entity_value):
Generates links to TruSTAR reports if they exist.
:param entity_value: <str> Value of entity.
report_links = list()
trustar_reports = self.ts_client.search_reports(entity_value)
for report in trustar_reports:
return report_links
def parse_indicator_summary(self, summaries):
Converts a response from the TruSTAR /1.3/indicators/summaries endpoint
a MISP trustar_report object and adds the summary data and links as attributes.
:param summaries: <generator> A TruSTAR Python SDK Page.generator object for generating
indicator summaries pages.
for summary in summaries:
trustar_obj = MISPObject('trustar_report')
summary_type = summary.type
summary_value = summary.value
if summary_type in self.ENTITY_TYPE_MAPPINGS:
trustar_obj.add_attribute(summary_type, attribute_type=self.ENTITY_TYPE_MAPPINGS[summary_type],
trustar_obj.add_attribute("INDICATOR_SUMMARY", attribute_type="text",
value=json.dumps(summary.to_dict(), sort_keys=True, indent=4))
report_links = self.generate_trustar_links(summary_value)
for link in report_links:
trustar_obj.add_attribute("REPORT_LINK", attribute_type="link", value=link)
def handler(q=False):
MISP handler function. A user's API key and secret will be retrieved from the MISP
request and used to create a TruSTAR API client. If enclave IDs are provided, only
those enclaves will be queried for data. Otherwise, all of the enclaves a user has
access to will be queried.
if q is False:
return False
request = json.loads(q)
config = request.get('config', {})
if not config.get('user_api_key') or not config.get('user_api_secret'):
misperrors['error'] = "Your TruSTAR API key and secret are required for indicator enrichment."
return misperrors
attribute = request['attribute']
trustar_parser = TruSTARParser(attribute, config)
summaries = list(
trustar_parser.ts_client.get_indicator_summaries([attribute['value']], page_size=MAX_PAGE_SIZE))
except Exception as e:
misperrors['error'] = "Unable to retrieve TruSTAR summary data: {}".format(e)
return misperrors
return trustar_parser.get_results()
def introspection():
return mispattributes
def version():
moduleinfo['config'] = moduleconfig
return moduleinfo