Modules for expansion services, import and export in MISP
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"description": "Module to get advanced information from virustotal.",
"logo": "logos/virustotal.png",
"requirements": ["An access to the VirusTotal API (apikey), with a high request rate limit."],
"input": "A domain, hash (md5, sha1, sha256 or sha512), hostname or IP address attribute.",
"output": "MISP attributes and objects resulting from the parsing of the VirusTotal report concerning the input attribute.",
"references": ["", ""],
"features": "New format of modules able to return attributes and objects.\n\nA module to take a MISP attribute as input and query the VirusTotal API to get additional data about it.\n\nCompared to the [standard VirusTotal expansion module](, this module is made for advanced parsing of VirusTotal report, with a recursive analysis of the elements found after the first request.\n\nThus, it requires a higher request rate limit to avoid the API to return a 204 error (Request rate limit exceeded), and the data parsed from the different requests are returned as MISP attributes and objects, with the corresponding relations between each one of them."