Modules for expansion services, import and export in MISP
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This modules provides a graph importer method for MISP event by using the
response payload giving by MISP API directly.
from vt_graph_parser.helpers.parsers import parse_pymisp_response
from vt_graph_parser.importers.base import import_misp_graph
def from_pymisp_response(
payload, vt_api_key, fetch_information=True,
private=False, fetch_vt_enterprise=False, user_editors=None,
user_viewers=None, group_editors=None, group_viewers=None,
use_vt_to_connect_the_graph=False, max_api_quotas=1000,
max_search_depth=3, expand_node_one_level=False):
"""Import VirusTotal Graph from MISP JSON file.
payload (dict): dictionary which contains the request payload.
vt_api_key (str): VT API Key.
fetch_information (bool, optional): whether the script will fetch
information for added nodes in VT. Defaults to True.
name (str, optional): graph title. Defaults to "".
private (bool, optional): True for private graphs. You need to have
Private Graph premium features enabled in your subscription. Defaults
to False.
fetch_vt_enterprise (bool, optional): if True, the graph will search any
available information using VirusTotal Intelligence for the node if there
is no normal information for it. Defaults to False.
user_editors ([str], optional): usernames that can edit the graph.
Defaults to None.
user_viewers ([str], optional): usernames that can view the graph.
Defaults to None.
group_editors ([str], optional): groups that can edit the graph.
Defaults to None.
group_viewers ([str], optional): groups that can view the graph.
Defaults to None.
use_vt_to_connect_the_graph (bool, optional): if True, graph nodes will
be linked using VirusTotal API. Otherwise, the links will be generated
using production rules based on MISP attributes order. Defaults to
max_api_quotas (int, optional): maximum number of api quotas that could
be consumed to resolve graph using VirusTotal API. Defaults to 20000.
max_search_depth (int, optional): max search depth to explore
relationship between nodes when use_vt_to_connect_the_graph is True.
Defaults to 3.
expand_one_level (bool, optional): expand entire graph one level.
Defaults to False.
If use_vt_to_connect_the_graph is True, it will take some time to compute
LoaderError: if JSON file is invalid.
[vt_graph_api.graph.VTGraph: the imported graph].
graphs = []
for event_payload in payload['data']:
misp_attrs, graph_id = parse_pymisp_response(event_payload)
name = "Graph created from MISP event"
graph = import_misp_graph(
misp_attrs, graph_id, vt_api_key, fetch_information, name,
private, fetch_vt_enterprise, user_editors, user_viewers, group_editors,
group_viewers, use_vt_to_connect_the_graph, max_api_quotas,
if expand_node_one_level:
return graphs