MISP Project

Open Source Threat Intelligence Platform & Open Standards For Threat Information Sharing

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MISP (core software) - Open Source Threat Intelligence and Sharing Platform (formely known as Malware Information Sharing Platform)

最后更新于 1 小时前

Taxonomies used in MISP taxonomy system and can be used by other information sharing tool.

最后更新于 5 小时前

Warning lists to inform users of MISP about potential false-positives or other information in indicators

最后更新于 7 小时前

最后更新于 19 小时前

Python library using the MISP Rest API

最后更新于 23 小时前

Set of Maltego transforms to inferface with a MISP Threat Sharing instance, and also to explore the whole MITRE ATT&CK dataset.

最后更新于 1 天前

MISP website (jekyll-based)

最后更新于 1 天前

最后更新于 2 天前

最后更新于 5 天前

Modules for expansion services, import and export in MISP

最后更新于 5 天前

最后更新于 6 天前

最后更新于 1周前

最后更新于 1周前

最后更新于 1周前

A dashboard for a real-time overview of threat intelligence from MISP instances

最后更新于 1周前