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add Makefile with tests and helpers, update/simplify #Contributing

* make noexternallink: chekc for Lines with no source/demo/other link
 * make missinglicenselanguage: check Lines with only 1 or no language/license entry
 * make contrib: print list of contributors
 * make add: helper to add a new software entry
 * add TODOs
 * remove link to form since it is unmaintained and outputs wrongly formatted entries
 * add BEGIN/END SOFTWARE LIST markers to restrict processing to software list only (HTML comments, not rendered to markdown)
 * link to editor, issues, pull requests
 * Requirements for Makefile: make, bash. Available in Linux distribution repositories, in XCode on Mac, in GOW on Windows.
 * Fixes #461
nodiscc 6 years ago
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@ -0,0 +1,45 @@
#!/usr/bin/make -f
SHELL = /bin/bash
all: checks
checks: missinglicenselanguage
@echo "Lines with no source/demo/other link:"
@sed -n -e '/BEGIN SOFTWARE LIST/,/END SOFTWARE LIST/ p' | egrep '^ *\* ' | egrep --color=always '[a-z\.] `'
@echo "Lines with only 1 or no language/license entry:"
@sed -n -e '/BEGIN SOFTWARE LIST/,/END SOFTWARE LIST/ p' | egrep '^ *\* ' | egrep -v '` `'
@git shortlog -sne
@#add a new entry
@printf 'Software name: ' ;\
read Name; if [ -z "$$Name" ]; then printf 'Missing software name!\n'; exit 1 ; fi ;\
printf 'Homepage URL: ' ;\
read Url; if [ -z "$$Url" ]; then printf 'Missing main project URL!\n'; exit 1 ; fi ;\
printf 'Description (max 250 char): ' ;\
read Description; if [ -z "$$Description" ]; then printf 'Missing description!\n'; exit 1 ; fi ;\
printf 'License: ' ;\
read License; if [ -z "$$License" ]; then printf 'Missing license!\n'; exit 1 ; fi ;\
printf 'Main server-side language/platform/requirement: ' ;\
read Language; if [ -z "$$Language" ]; then printf 'Missing language!\n'; exit 1 ; fi ;\
printf 'Demo URL (if any): ' ;\
read Demo; if [ -z "$$Demo" ]; then CDemo="" ; else CDemo="[Demo]($$Demo)" ; fi ;\
printf 'Source code URL (if different from Homepage): ' ;\
read Source; if [ -z "$$Source" ]; then CSource="" ; else CSource="[Source Code]($$Source)" ; fi ;\
if [[ "$$CSource" == "" && "$$Demo" == "" ]]; \
then Moreinfo="";\ printf "debug" ;\
else Moreinfo=$$(echo "($$CSource$$CDemo)" | sed 's|)\[|\], [|g') ;\
fi ;\
echo -e "Copy this entry to your clipboard, paste it in the appropriate category:\n\n" ;\
echo " * [$$Name]($$Url) - $${Description}. $$Moreinfo \`$$License\` \`$$Language\`"
#TODO ask for category and insert item accordingly
#TODO check for unsorted entries
#TODO automatically sort entries/sections
#TODO autoupdate contributors list


@ -6,6 +6,8 @@ Selfhosting is the process of locally hosting and managing applications instead
This is a list of [Free]( Software [network services]( and [web applications]( which can be hosted locally. Non-Free software is listed on the [Non-Free]( page.
See [Contributing](#contributing).
Table of Contents
@ -82,6 +84,8 @@ Table of Contents
## Analytics
_Web Analytics_
@ -849,7 +853,7 @@ See also [Documentation Generators](#documentation-generators), [Wikimatrix](htt
* [UBOS]( - Linux distro that runs on indie boxes (personal servers and IoT devices). Single-command installation and management of apps - Jenkins, Mediawiki, Owncloud, Wordpress, etc., - and other [features](`GPLv3` `Perl/Other`
* [yunohost]( - A server operating system aiming to make self-hosting accessible to everyone. ([Source Code]( `AGPL` `Python/Other`
@ -891,14 +895,12 @@ See also [Documentation Generators](#documentation-generators), [Wikimatrix](htt
## Contributing
* You can help by sending Pull Requests to add more services. See [Editing files](, [Creating Pull Requests](, [Using Pull Requests](
* To **add an entry**: clone/[download]( and enter the repository, run `make add` and follow the instructions; or [edit the file]( directly. See [Editing files in another user's repository](, [Creating Pull Requests](, [Using Pull Requests]( for help on sending your patch.
* The **syntax** for links is ``[Name](http://homepage/) - Short description. ([Demo](, [Source Code](http://url.of/source/code)) `License` `Language` ``. All projects should have their **license** and main server-side **language**/platform/requirement listed, and a description at most 250 characters long.
* Non-[Free]( software must be marked `⊘ Proprietary` next to the title, and added to [](
* [This form]( will help you formatting your new software entry. The syntax for links is ``[Name](http://homepage/) - Short description. ([Demo](, [Source Code](http://url.of/source/code)) `License` `Language` ``
* All projects should have their license and main programming language/platform referenced.
* Please limit the short description of the project to **250 characters**.
* Software with no development activity for 6-12 months may be removed from the list.
* Sections should be ordered alphabetically, lines inside sections should be ordered alphabetically.
* The list of contributors can be updated with `git shortlog -sne`
* Check current [issues]( and [Pull Requests](, as well as [closed issues/PRs](
* The list of contributors can be updated with `make contrib`. Several checks are available: `make noexternallink; make missinglicenselanguage`
## License