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nodiscc 8682679816
travis-ci.yml: only run full check suite from travis cron jobs 7 months ago
nodiscc d3177a9684
.travis.yml: always run pipeline on master, regardless of whether the job was triggered via cron or manually 8 months ago
nodiscc 7a976977e7
.travis.yml: re-enable builds on master branch, disable building on branch push in travis settings 1 year ago
nodiscc 9a446c31d5
.travis.yml: don't run any build job on pushes to master 1 year ago
nodiscc 6825002c6c cleanup/streamline/improve automated checks: 1 year ago
nodiscc f29daa3b54 .travis.yml : cleanup 1 year ago
nodiscc dd18570d0e travis.yml: only run full awesome_bot tests on monthly-check branch 1 year ago
n8225 09afc024ff Fix travis error. 2 years ago
n8225 1fee3d0b6c check links in non-free.md with awesome_bot 2 years ago
n8225 50c8c85c65 Add color output. 2 years ago
Kevin 3fa3580aae
Remove bblfshd from whitelist 2 years ago
Kevin c822382658
Whitelist bblfshd 2 years ago
Kevin c7afb2ab11
Whitelist Airsonic Apps URL 2 years ago
Rodrigo Avelino 4334d6b220 fix(awesome-bot): Fix RedaxScript demo link check 2 years ago
nodiscc 439820157a
.travis.yml: dummy commit to force detection of the repo on travis-ci.org 2 years ago
n8225 3bb1203c85
Update .travis.yml 2 years ago
n8225 b77f7ca8a6
Update .travis.yml 2 years ago
n8225 3a88e1ded0
Update .travis.yml 2 years ago
n8225 b815c200ab
Update .travis.yml 2 years ago
n8225 380554d768
Update .travis.yml 2 years ago
n8225 a0c156bc80
Update .travis.yml 2 years ago
n8225 c06e7909f6
fix travis 2 years ago
n8225 7bc3c20076
Update .travis.yml 2 years ago
n8225 981edcb8c1 Fix travis 2 years ago
n8225 9af23c124d Fix travis 2 years ago
n8225 ea73a5f66d Fix travis 2 years ago
n8225 51f0e1d1ff Remove Danger and update travis 2 years ago
nodiscc bac7c35b9a revert wrong branch merge 2 years ago
n8225 e5357ab019 "Add encrypted oauth key for travis." 2 years ago
nodiscc 7216066668 tests: new 'tests-monthly' branch to automate detection of unmaintained projects, syntax errors, broken links 2 years ago
nodiscc d17751399e tests: fix danger command line 3 years ago
nodiscc 9aa2e9ec14 move tests-related files to a tests/ directory 3 years ago
nodiscc 8015ca60d7 travis: remove awesome_bot check on the whole README in preparation for a first merge 3 years ago
nodiscc d0174df810 .travis.yml: use long options 3 years ago
nodiscc c410f04d69 .travis.yml: run awesome_bot on the whole README.md 3 years ago
nodiscc 1e4756dec3 .travis.yml: upgrade ruby to v2.6.2 3 years ago
nrew225 27c69ae1fd Warn on awesomebot fails 5 years ago
nrew225 6b25d7f2a5 Warn on awesomebot fails 5 years ago
nrew225 08ef1288a8 Warn on awesomebot fails 5 years ago
n8225 f584b1502e turn off emails 5 years ago
n8225 d02f359fdc allow ssl errors 5 years ago
n8225 0df51de709 Update .travis.yml 5 years ago
n8225 ab4e7355cf Update .travis.yml 5 years ago
nrew225 adc7d8b672 update travis.yml 5 years ago
nrew225 6a3d1074ed update travis file 5 years ago
nrew225 3da769f665 Initial Commit 5 years ago