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Nathan Rew b0cb23bd92 Fix regex for mainlink. 1 year ago
Nathan Rew 98e01c9769 Update regex checks for Source Code, Demo, Clients 1 year ago
Nathan Rew f4370d335f prevent error when `.` is in the name 1 year ago
n8225 a81bd71bb3 Fix bugs in tests. 2 years ago
n8225 7dd2189850 Fix line numbers. 2 years ago
n8225 e199778766 Change color output. 2 years ago
n8225 50c8c85c65 Add color output. 2 years ago
n8225 14c870daec Update regex pattern to allow Clients. 2 years ago
nodiscc 2c6e7ab9d2 docs/tests: update URL to reflect ownership change to awesome-selfhosted Github organization 2 years ago
n8225 e59fb69742
Update test.js 2 years ago
n8225 51f0e1d1ff Remove Danger and update travis 2 years ago
nodiscc 9b803f3dea add a python script to check last commit dates of github repositories listed in README.md 3 years ago
nodiscc 9aa2e9ec14 move tests-related files to a tests/ directory 3 years ago