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Demo links should only be used for interactive demos, i.e. not video demonstrations (#2584) 7 months ago
Samuel Lelièvre 54317bca4f
Update PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE.md 1 year ago
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add awesome-analytics link to PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE.md 1 year ago
nodiscc 799ef6fe7f Pull Request Template/README.md: clarify ⚠ symbol meaning, clarify formatting guidelines 1 year ago
Samuel Lelièvre 949dfcaa7d
Suggest using informative pull request titles 2 years ago
nodiscc 2c6e7ab9d2 docs/tests: update URL to reflect ownership change to awesome-selfhosted Github organization 2 years ago
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fix typo 3 years ago
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syntax/spacing fixes, reword "proprietary dependencies", add plain english description of ⚠ symbol requirement 4 years ago
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Update PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE.md 4 years ago
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nodiscc 41e13f172f pull request template: add checkbox for awesome-sysadmin and static site generators 5 years ago
Andrew Rylatt 91e7170bf6 Maintain consistency. (#773) 5 years ago
Edward D e0b1ac2d5f Project Reoganisation (#718) 5 years ago