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pidor 6ff6d2e5ca integrate OpenHab 2019-04-12 01:05:22 +02:00
pidor 539125f2e5 optimize and simplify projector handling
3dprinter has now lights: switch them off when closing
give some voice status if the internet is down. Like enterprise computer ...
always switch the lights on when opening
2018-04-07 01:22:22 +02:00
pidor e5aeca63cf Improved chromecast handling
added bluray player
2018-01-09 22:08:26 +01:00
pidor b7fabb2da6 avoid turning projector on when booting
install flask
2017-03-20 17:36:27 +01:00
pidor fe4d415615 Also test for None as chromecast source 2017-03-19 00:57:49 +01:00
pidor 1a79d0c8b2 adapted to new pychromecast api
make projector volume zero when powering off
2017-03-15 22:32:36 +00:00
Level2 Pidor b02efa5861 detect if chromecast is idle and shotdown beamer on space close
beamer IP address out of script
2016-11-17 19:27:24 +01:00
Level2 Pidor 4707c10209 better beamer and reciver control with volume keys
bug corrections
2016-06-27 21:50:45 +02:00
Level2 Pidor 3e7027dd82 implement real people counter hardware
fixed IP for projector
add readme.txt
2016-01-17 19:45:44 +01:00
Level2 Pidor 210d979eef more debug messages and bug corrected for projector off 2015-08-03 20:12:22 +02:00
Level2 Pidor 5adb89133f Also raise projection screen if the beamer is completely off 2015-07-25 22:40:15 +02:00
Level2 Pidor 5b949e9d82 only switch off projector if there is no signal or if it shows demo videos 2015-07-24 21:10:06 +02:00
Level2 Pidor ddd7df81a1 automatically lower projection screen when projector is switched on
when space is closed, switch off projector and raise screen
2015-07-22 00:48:43 +02:00
Georges 7643aa2a64 script to detect if beamer is on or off
currently logs to syslog
could make the screen go up/down automatically
e.g. down on beamer on, up on hackerspace closed
2015-07-05 02:41:09 +02:00