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D4 Project Architecture

Building a large-scale network sensor can be a tedious task, the aim of the D4 Project is to make the creation and maintenance of such network simple and efficient. To reach the goal, the D4 project will develop open source components required to operate such network sensor and will live test the infrastructure with an DDoS and malicious activities sensor network deployed on a voluntary basis.


  • A lightweight protocol to support streaming collection of different data types
  • A minimal architecture to create dedicated sensor network (internal or external)
  • Keeping a simple set of software to support a wide variety of sensor types (software, hardware or virtual)
  • Provide an all-in-one open source solution with minimal dependencies
  • Supporting additional information sharing capabilities to interconnect D4 sensor networks together
  • A set of default ready-to-run sensor network with analyzers such as a DDoS backscatter traffic monitoring, Passive DNS collection or specific network monitoring

D4 overview

Overview of the D4 project

D4 Encapsulation Protocol

Overview of the D4 encapsulation protocol

For more details about the encapsulation protocol, check out the format page.

Funding and Support