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  Jean-Louis Huynen f1a5bc2c14
chg: [filewatcher] daily rotation of watched folder - fixed 5 days ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen daf9d72347
chg: [filewatcher] daily rotation of watched folder 6 days ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen 7a614f706e
fix: [filerwatcher] fix silly path bug + bump glu 0.1.12 2 weeks ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen d015ee6388
add: [torproxy] Use tor proxy on 9050 2 weeks ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen 879bcb6231
chg: [filerwatcher] bump golangutils 2 weeks ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen 856ba6db6b
add: [filerwatcher] go modules + fmt 2 weeks ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen a886c5f82f
add: [filerwatcher] base64 or json files 2 weeks ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen 7fc1a1b0c0
add: [filerwatcher] fix error messages 2 weeks ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen afc9526219
add: [filerwatcher] initial work on file watcher 3 weeks ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen 1bc27e9c65
del: [import] duplicate 7 months ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen ef0599a323
chg: [mod] bump d4-golang-util - fix #13 8 months ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen 74d0b72f6b chg: [init] new init/reset/signal logic 8 months ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen 4b3028688f
chg: [deps] adapt and bump to d4-golang-utils v0.1.5 9 months ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen 88269e3cb7
Merge pull request #16 from D4-project/tcpreuse 9 months ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen bdf5e13e1e
chg: [main] tear down old connections for type 2 9 months ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen 21256a2ec8
Merge pull request #15 from D4-project/tcpreuse 9 months ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen 0c1cbbbe52
chg: [main] remove useless log entry 9 months ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen a7032f58ee
chg: [main] listen to OS signal when ratelimiting 9 months ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen ab248fa3ad
chg: [main] reuse existing tcp connection 9 months ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen d52c02f8de
chg: [mod] bump d4-golang-utils 9 months ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen 3c96e3f7e5
chg: [mkf] - 10 months ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen 0d9229f393
Update README.md 10 months ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen 5fb76d7537
chg: [doc] update the README for d4 forwarding 10 months ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen 75797649f1
chg: [main] typo - update help 10 months ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen f96372bb3a
chg: [main] update help 10 months ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen 05714e0d5c
chg: [gomod] bump golang utils version 10 months ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen 2624114144
Merge pull request #11 from D4-project/d4forward 10 months ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen 738c4c2f69
chg: [main] fix #10 10 months ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen 2d48e196f5
adds: [main] log files + no output on stdout unless -v flag 10 months ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen 2f6da40367
chg: [main] rate limiter 10 months ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen ac5cd4449a
chg: [input] d4 redis, retry 11 months ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen 2d3d71ec5b
chg: [input] d4 redis input config sample 11 months ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen 17dfb9c22b
chg: [input] functional d4 redis input 11 months ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen 17aa026e2b
chg: [mod] bump d4-golang-util 1 year ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen 015ece0fc5
Merge pull request #7 from D4-project/modular 1 year ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen 2db3aeb5ca
chg [comments] remove 1 year ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen 0cfa4697a9
chg [module] going modular 1 year ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen ec8fcb1dcd
chg [gitignore] use d4-golang-utils 1 year ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen dd42054f49
chg [gitignore] ignore all configuration folders 1 year ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen c415ef7441
chg: [config] fix #6 + \r in config files 1 year ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen 8fb9008c95
Fix #4 1 year ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen c30702a4bf
infof on json.compact failure 2 years ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen 10dde24322
...Stream json.Compact... 2 years ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen af07f513ca
Send meta header for type 2 too 2 years ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen 04f40a364c
Checks if metaheader.json is valid 2 years ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen 73664bd3bb initial support for meta-headers 2 years ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen c9bd1bb37b
Corrects typos and useless usage output 2 years ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen e2c5eba8a2
Update readme with flags and usage 2 years ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen 4829051f8e Fixing badge 2 years ago
  Jean-Louis Huynen 66d8afa037 making golint happy 2 years ago