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MISP - Ansible installation script

  • V0.2

    • Data location management
    • misp-modules installation
  • V0.1

    • Nginx support only
    • Backup script provided


  • From the ansible repository, run the following command:
ansible-playbook -i <host>, misp.yml -k -K -u <user>
  • If you want to move the MISP data location to (MySQL database, MISP files and tmp), add the following parameter to ansible-playbook:
--extra-vars "data_location=<path>"
  • Update the self-signed certificate in /etc/nginx/ssl
  • Create and export your GPG key:
sudo -u www-data gpg --homedir /opt/misp-server/misp/.gnupg --gen-key
sudo -u www-data gpg --homedir /opt/misp-server/misp/.gnupg --export --armor YOUR-EMAIL > /opt/misp-server/misp/app/webroot/gpg.asc
  • Login with:

  • Configure MISP in administration panel, server settings


  • the user must have admin rights
  • a self-signed certificate is generated to allow you to test the installation
  • installation directory is: /opt/misp-server/misp
  • backup directory is: /opt/misp-server/backup

Backup script

If enabled, a backup script create each day a new archive with a MySQL misp database dump and misp files to allow easy restore.

  • these archives are created in: /opt/misp-server/backup
  • a script to easy restore MISP from an archive is provided in the same directory
  • to use the restore script, login as misp user and run the following command:
./misp_restore <archive_timestamp>.tar.gz