570 Commits (authImprovements)

Author SHA1 Message Date
mokaddem 1b4df61591 chg: [auth] Simplified condition 4 years ago
mokaddem 8da3d509cd chg: [diagnostic] Fixed to support auth 4 years ago
mokaddem eaf3ad30d1 chg: [auth] Check if can access the dashboard 4 years ago
mokaddem 2ecc4a8fad chg: [login] Fixed web dependencies and added auth error message 4 years ago
mokaddem 21dedd37ed chg: [auth] Takes into account MISP baseurl for redirections 4 years ago
VVX7 4d5ee49357 chg: [Authentication] User authentication can be disabled in config. If disabled, users are automatically logged in with a randomly generated account name and redirected to /index. 4 years ago
VVX7 b313b7cc74 chg: [authentication] add logout endpoint to dashboard dropdown 4 years ago
VVX7 3b0ebe8c72 chg: [authentication] session_cookie_sametime is str 4 years ago
VVX7 07f68cb33f chg: [authentication] configure misp-dashboard cookie policy 4 years ago
VVX7 bd5984faad chg: [authentication] set session protection to kill session when session identifier does not match 4 years ago
VVX7 9c028e697f chg: [authentication] require authorization on hidden endpoints. 4 years ago
VVX7 88cc920bd3 chg: [authentication] add unauthorized_handler to redirect unauthorized user to login page. 4 years ago
VVX7 708addaa34 chg: [authentication] add required login to dashboard views 4 years ago
VVX7 71780003d0 chg: [authentication] turn off password autocomplete 4 years ago
VVX7 83df3e4f74 chg: [authentication] increased password field length to 255. minor changes to login page. 4 years ago
VVX7 a0ccff71ef chg: [authentication] added flask session secret 4 years ago
VVX7 e18728e8b1 chg: [authentication] enforce session ssl 4 years ago
VVX7 b7c8f6b577 chg: [authentication] enforce session ssl 4 years ago
VVX7 e44f7e2c4b chg: [authentication] added misp logo 4 years ago
VVX7 2b99e13110 chg: [authentication] added login page 4 years ago
VVX7 1356e0003e chg: [authentication] removed auth required on endpoints 4 years ago
VVX7 2be101fdfc new: [authentication] Flask-login authentication via MISP instance. 4 years ago
Sami Mokaddem 60ce6ce5cd
Update README.md 4 years ago
mokaddem dd218f4cf4 fix: [security] prevent XSS injection in livelog table 4 years ago
Sami Mokaddem 0ac7e7cf84
Merge pull request #121 from mokaddem/fewFixes2 4 years ago
mokaddem 8fd474712b chg: [livelog] Scrolling Logs when fullscreen is on - Fix #118 4 years ago
mokaddem fba754b2e5 chg: [livelog] Fix z-index and fullscreen log panel z-index 4 years ago
mokaddem 3e218cd145 chg: [startup] Wait until redis is ready before starting the zmqs 4 years ago
mokaddem 19842f9445 fix: Catch if country does not have alpha_2 attribute - fix #119 4 years ago
mokaddem 2f3fd08404 chg: [start] Added restart capability 4 years ago
mokaddem 0dbaa034fb fix: [contrib] Hide broken organisation images - Fix #110 4 years ago
mokaddem fb1332be6a fix: [diagnostic] Corrected copy/paste typo 4 years ago
mokaddem 26f9e31786 fix: [update] Changed string formating to `format` 4 years ago
mokaddem f2fb36601a fix: [helpers] Changed string formating to `format` and slight refact 4 years ago
mokaddem f009d81321 fix: [diagnostic] Changed string formating to `format` 4 years ago
mokaddem b2be833801 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:MISP/misp-dashboard 4 years ago
Sami Mokaddem 16144e1acc
Merge pull request #113 from Kortho/patch-2 4 years ago
Sami Mokaddem 0ff42a0a29
Merge pull request #112 from Kortho/patch-1 4 years ago
Kortho 9d1b488399
added user zmqs back 4 years ago
Kortho 71fc511c61
added net-tools to debian-based install command 4 years ago
Kortho 4715f0ec29
removed hard-coded zmq startup 4 years ago
Steve Clement 8dae1b1524
Merge pull request #111 from SteveClement/CentOS_RHEL 4 years ago
Steve Clement 1ccf833428
fix: [installer] Make it work on RHEL/CentOS 4 years ago
Sami Mokaddem beb17f7b56
Merge pull request #109 from MISP/fixlogs 4 years ago
Sami Mokaddem ab886714d5
Merge pull request #108 from MISP/fixGeoReader 4 years ago
mokaddem b7d8259a73 Merge branch 'fixlogs' 4 years ago
mokaddem 7e44e00788 fix: [logs:helper] Helpers get their own log file 4 years ago
mokaddem 6b064732fd fix: try another mean to forward the country to the client 4 years ago
mokaddem a4bdf6e21e fix: [geohelper] Prevent crash if country not defined in the geo 4 years ago
Sami Mokaddem f75c107805
Clarified updated from pulling 4 years ago