464 Commits (55f05e05249689ce83799ebe408bab54a61babf6)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Raphaël Vinot 55f05e0524 chg: Use pipenv, update bgpranking/ipasn modules 4 years ago
Raphaël Vinot 8fc5b1fd1f fix: Make pep8 happy 4 years ago
Raphaël Vinot d0aec62f1a new: Intel471 module 4 years ago
Sascha Rommelfangen 96570caece cosmetic output change 4 years ago
chrisr3d e30a5d2502 fix: Removed not valid input type 4 years ago
chrisr3d 7cfc7a730b fix: Cleaned up not used variables 4 years ago
chrisr3d 627420ca43 fix: Updated rbl module result format 4 years ago
chrisr3d 547985b8ce fix: Added Macaddress.io module in the init list 4 years ago
chrisr3d be3063f3c6 fix: Typo on input type 4 years ago
chrisr3d 22173c249e add: Update to support sha1 & sha256 attributes 4 years ago
chrisr3d b778dd5e67 fix: Fixed type of the result in case of exception 4 years ago
chrisr3d 1b44668094 fix: Added hostname attribute support as it is intended 4 years ago
Christophe Vandeplas 8817de4765 fix: threatanalyzer_import - bugfix for TA6.1 behavior 4 years ago
chrisr3d 299e97d1ce
add: Added imphash to input attribute types 4 years ago
Sascha Rommelfangen 3e25428978 debug removed 4 years ago
Sascha Rommelfangen 8285ff324f API changes reflected 4 years ago
chrisr3d 58b3a069bf
fix: Updated yara import error message 4 years ago
Alexandre Dulaunoy 5d1583d88b
chg: [onyphe] fix #252 4 years ago
Sascha Rommelfangen 463d7ae874
bug fix regarding leftovers between runs 4 years ago
Steve Clement 91f922b5c4 chg: [btc] Removed simple PoC for btc expansion. 4 years ago
Sascha Rommelfangen 00b1b3214b added btc_steroids to the list 4 years ago
Sascha Rommelfangen b01cb28323 initial version of a Bitcoin module 4 years ago
Steve Clement 7bafa939b0 new: [btc] Very simple BTC expansion 4 years ago
chrisr3d d1308f9924
chg: Validating yara rules after their creation 4 years ago
Steve Clement bb5f6fffae chg: [init] Added try/catch in case misp-modules is already running on a port, or port is in use... 4 years ago
chrisr3d 1c10fd5e50
fix: Making yara query an expansion module for single attributes atm 4 years ago
milkmix e8761c1664 super simple support for mutexes through winbaseobj in osquery 3.3 4 years ago
chrisr3d 1d530a7fa6
new: First version of a yara rule creation expansion module 4 years ago
milkmix 78b4aade08 corrected typos and unused imports 4 years ago
chrisr3d e2cebd6c3e
fix: Catching errors while parsing additional info in requests 4 years ago
Codelinefi-admin c19989e217 Fixed a bug with wrong dates conversion 4 years ago
isox f1325f4316 Fixed getting of the Vulners AI score. 4 years ago
Igor Ivanov 007723109d HotFix: Vulners AI score 4 years ago
Igor Ivanov 3e9589d0f4 code cleanup and formatting 4 years ago
Igor Ivanov 8d7d377464 added exploit information 4 years ago
Igor Ivanov 5dc05bfafc initial Vulners module PoC 4 years ago
Codelinefi-admin db7dbd6ed5 macaddress.io hover module added 4 years ago
chrisr3d 5c718c5379
fix: Making python 3.5 happy with the exception type ImportError 4 years ago
chrisr3d cfbd63f14e
fix: Fixed exception type for python 3.5 4 years ago
chrisr3d a18db2ed1d
fix: Fixed exception type 4 years ago
chrisr3d 48fcf9a85e
fix: Fixed syntax error 4 years ago
chrisr3d 26647a164b
fix: Fixed indentation error 4 years ago
Sascha Rommelfangen ef781f59f8
fixed typo 4 years ago
chrisr3d ba728f7120
fix: Fixed 1 variable misuse + cleaned up variable names 4 years ago
chrisr3d cdf2f434ce
fix: Avoiding adding attributes that are already in the event 4 years ago
chrisr3d 33181bc52b
fix: Fixed quick variable issue 4 years ago
chrisr3d 0ab38feade
fix: Cleaned up test function not used anymore 4 years ago
chrisr3d 936e30b15b
fix: Multiple attributes parsing support 4 years ago
chrisr3d 2af947a2de
fix: Removed print 4 years ago
chrisr3d 179430d69d
fix: Some cleanup and output types fixed 5 years ago