Modules for expansion services, import and export in MISP
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MISP modules are autonomous modules that can be used for expansion and other services in MISP.

The modules are written in Python 3 following a simple API interface. The objective is to ease the extensions of MISP functionalities without modifying core components. The API is available via a simple REST API which is independent from MISP installation or configuration.

MISP modules support is included in MISP starting from version 2.4.28.

For more information: Extending MISP with Python modules slides from MISP training.

Existing MISP modules

Expansion modules

  • BGP Ranking - a hover and expansion module to expand an AS number with the ASN description, its history, and position in BGP Ranking.
  • BTC transactions - An expansion hover module to get a blockchain balance and the transactions from a BTC address in MISP.
  • CIRCL Passive DNS - a hover and expansion module to expand hostname and IP addresses with passive DNS information.
  • CIRCL Passive SSL - a hover and expansion module to expand IP addresses with the X.509 certificate seen.
  • countrycode - a hover module to tell you what country a URL belongs to.
  • CrowdStrike Falcon - an expansion module to expand using CrowdStrike Falcon Intel Indicator API.
  • CVE - a hover module to give more information about a vulnerability (CVE).
  • DBL Spamhaus - a hover module to check Spamhaus DBL for a domain name.
  • DNS - a simple module to resolve MISP attributes like hostname and domain to expand IP addresses attributes.
  • DomainTools - a hover and expansion module to get information from DomainTools whois.
  • EUPI - a hover and expansion module to get information about an URL from the Phishing Initiative project.
  • Farsight DNSDB Passive DNS - a hover and expansion module to expand hostname and IP addresses with passive DNS information.
  • GeoIP - a hover and expansion module to get GeoIP information from geolite/maxmind.
  • hashdd - a hover module to check file hashes against including NSLR dataset.
  • intel471 - an expansion module to get info from Intel471.
  • IPASN - a hover and expansion to get the BGP ASN of an IP address.
  • iprep - an expansion module to get IP reputation from
  • - a hover module to retrieve vendor details and other information regarding a given MAC address or an OUI from MAC address Vendor Lookup. See integration tutorial here.
  • onyphe - a modules to process queries on Onyphe.
  • onyphe_full - a modules to process full queries on Onyphe.
  • OTX - an expansion module for OTX.
  • passivetotal - a passivetotal module that queries a number of different PassiveTotal datasets.
  • rbl - a module to get RBL (Real-Time Blackhost List) values from an attribute.
  • reversedns - Simple Reverse DNS expansion service to resolve reverse DNS from MISP attributes.
  • securitytrails - an expansion module for securitytrails.
  • shodan - a minimal shodan expansion module.
  • Sigma queries - Experimental expansion module querying a sigma rule to convert it into all the available SIEM signatures.
  • Sigma syntax validator - Sigma syntax validator.
  • sourcecache - a module to cache a specific link from a MISP instance.
  • STIX2 pattern syntax validator - a module to check a STIX2 pattern syntax.
  • ThreatCrowd - an expansion module for ThreatCrowd.
  • threatminer - an expansion module to expand from ThreatMiner.
  • urlscan - an expansion module to query
  • virustotal - an expansion module to pull known resolutions and malware samples related with an IP/Domain from virusTotal (this modules require a VirusTotal private API key)
  • VMray - a module to submit a sample to VMray.
  • VulnDB - a module to query VulnDB.
  • Vulners - an expansion module to expand information about CVEs using Vulners API.
  • whois - a module to query a local instance of uwhois.
  • wikidata - a wikidata expansion module.
  • xforce - an IBM X-Force Exchange expansion module.
  • YARA query - a module to create YARA rules from single hash attributes.
  • YARA syntax validator - YARA syntax validator.

Export modules

Import modules

  • CSV import Customizable CSV import module.
  • Cuckoo JSON Cuckoo JSON import.
  • Email Import Email import module for MISP to import basic metadata.
  • GoAML import Module to import GoAML XML format.
  • OCR Optical Character Recognition (OCR) module for MISP to import attributes from images, scan or faxes.
  • OpenIOC OpenIOC import based on PyMISP library.
  • ThreatAnalyzer - An import module to process ThreatAnalyzer sandbox exports.
  • VMRay - An import module to process VMRay export.

How to contribute your own module?

Fork the project, add your module, test it and make a pull-request. Modules can be also private as you can add a module in your own MISP installation. For further information please see Contribute.


FOSSA Status

For further Information see also the license file.