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Build Automated Machine Images for MISP

Build a virtual machine for MISP based on Ubuntu 18.04 server (for VirtualBox or VMWare).



Launch the generation with the VirtualBox builder:


A VirtualBox image will be generated and stored in the folder output-virtualbox-iso.

Default credentials are displayed (Web interface, SSH and MariaDB) at the end of the process. You can directly import the image in VirtualBox.

The sha1 and sha512 checksums of the generated VM will be stored in the files packer_virtualbox-iso_virtualbox-iso_sha1.checksum and packer_virtualbox-iso_virtualbox-iso_sha512.checksum respectively.

In case you encounter a problem with the MISP_BASEURL, you can still change it when the VM is running. For example the IP address of your VM is you can set MISP_BASEURL from your host with the command:

$ ssh misp@ sudo -u www-data /var/www/MISP/app/Console/cake Baseurl

If you want to build an image for VMWare you will need to install it and to use the VMWare builder with the command:

$ packer build -only=vmware-iso misp.json

You can also launch all builders in parallel.

Modules activated by default in the VM

Automatic export to GitHub

$ GITHUB_AUTH_TOKEN=<your-github-auth-token>
$ TAG=$(curl | jq  -r '.tag_name')
$ ./ github_api_token=$GITHUB_AUTH_TOKEN owner=MISP repo=MISP tag=$TAG filename=./output-virtualbox-iso/MISP_demo.ova

Upload latest release

curl -s |jq -r '.[0] | .name'

You can add these lines in the post-processors section of the file misp.json if you want to automate the process.