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Tom Bursch 873881fbfd
Add KitchenOwl to Recipe Management (#3308) 2 days ago
Andrei Canta f7246c6adf
Add Easypanel (#3305) 2 days ago
Jeremy Kahn b6e76e3d4c
Add chitchatter to Communication - Custom Communication Systems (#3283) 2 days ago
Brian Cassidy 6c612e9c2c
Add Maloja to Media Streaming - Audio Streaming (#3286) 2 days ago
CTome 904a7ab7d6
Add Tubesync to Automation (#3300) 2 days ago
svix-ken 1dd78cacdd
Add Svix to Software Development - API Management (#3293) 2 days ago
Connor Bell 4f9b3a3fdd
Add Marauder to Self-hosting Solutions (#2749) 2 days ago
nodiscc 67159233bd
Merge pull request #3302 from forks-by-kieran/fixes_cleanup 5 days ago
Koichi MATSUMOTO 3bdff5d508
Add Iguana to Ticketing (#3289) 5 days ago
Mauro D e29172002b
Added Stalwart JMAP server (#3307) 5 days ago
Arvid Zimmermann 58220cd197
added FlatPress blogging engine (#3281) 5 days ago
Elliot DeNolf 5312f9e8af
Add Payload to CMS (#3265) 5 days ago
Alexandre Lion cd47ac49f2
Add Claper to Polls and Events (#3280) 5 days ago
Kieran df10a6df5c Revert "rm briefstaken demo" 1 week ago
Kieran df999e1eda Revert "RM Resourcespace - doent look to be free anymore" 1 week ago
Kieran e1481f6654 Revert "RM Posio - LC 2021" 1 week ago
Kieran 809c18c237 rm briefstaken demo 1 week ago
Kieran e20b116c5c Update standard notes main link 1 week ago
Kieran 0c36027db0 RM Peerflix - LC 2021 1 week ago
Kieran 06ed72ba88 RM opentracker - LC 2021 1 week ago
Kieran 41cb7ea05f rm full-text rss - LC 2019 1 week ago
Kieran dbfd014578 RM Resourcespace - doent look to be free anymore 1 week ago
Kieran b41e3da80f rm sparkleshare - lc 2021 1 week ago
Kieran 95aaa24064 rm genea duplicate demo 1 week ago
Kieran 43d1d1cf8a rm LOGD - LC 2021 1 week ago
Kieran c4b696fdd3 rm net64plus server - LC 2020 1 week ago
Kieran a2e7b726ce rm Node-virtual-gamepads - LC 2021 1 week ago
Kieran a4ac42bde7 RM Posio - LC 2021 1 week ago
Ellen Poe dcb09bcd8d
Add the Headway project to Maps/GPS (#3035) 2 weeks ago
Kieran 447915dba9
Add meshcentral (#3239) 2 weeks ago
thekingofcity f34175c548
Add Wiznote to non-free Knowledge Management Tools (#2789) 2 weeks ago
Kieran c8ae874b09
Add Picaport to nonfree photos and videos (#3272) 2 weeks ago
Kieran ddf1b1679d
Added Flexisip to SIP (#3241) 2 weeks ago
Kieran 1acd48b0d5
Add Christmas Community to Polls and Events (#3271) 2 weeks ago
nodiscc 5dd42d5421
Merge pull request #3294 from forks-by-kieran/backtotopfix 2 weeks ago
Kieran 9ce8736585 Fix vivum typo 2 weeks ago
Kieran f1a918287b Changed #table-of-contents to #awesome-selfhosted 2 weeks ago
nodiscc c1f0eab009
fix medusajs entry syntax 2 weeks ago
nodiscc a697b0145e
fix medusajs entry syntax 2 weeks ago
Kieran 3f6ea382ac
Merge branch 'awesome-selfhosted:master' into backtotopfix 2 weeks ago
Kieran 770ee18031 Update back to the top links to direct 2 weeks ago
nodiscc f079f37c0e
Merge pull request #3288 from forks-by-kieran/cleanupBookmarks 2 weeks ago
Kieran e8910f7e9d
Merge branch 'master' into cleanupBookmarks 2 weeks ago
nodiscc 31cda5351b
Merge pull request #3240 from forks-by-kieran/Lowcode 2 weeks ago
Anaël Ollier f314919c87
Add reciphpes! software to the Recipe Management section (#3258) 2 weeks ago
Harald Nezbeda 589f15266d
Add SnyPy to Pastebins (#3007) 2 weeks ago
Kieran c89de8d6f3
Add Vivum (#3210) 2 weeks ago
SimonFischerSE 7fdf834320
Add Medusa to E-commerce (#2978) 2 weeks ago
Sjoerd van der Hoorn beff54c938
Add Recepturer to Recipe Management (#3234) 2 weeks ago
AlexSciFier b2fffa8a6f
Add neonlink to Bookmarks and Link Sharing (#3224) 2 weeks ago