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OpenMapTiles Server -> MapTiler Server (#2763) 5 days ago
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Add bookwyrm to non-free, e-books/library section (#2739) 6 days ago
Rodolfo Berrios 66915da601
Update non-free software description 1 month ago
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Removed confluence from non-free 10 months ago
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Rob c788870043
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Francesco Vollero 2627ce3746 Moving Sharetribe to non-free Fix #2283 1 year ago
nodiscc b5bcc1fff5 non-free.md: Delete Federated Identity/Authentication section 1 year ago
Vinod Chandru 05712f870f
Adding Kloudless to non-free self-hosted software 1 year ago
wimanshaherath 979d4a0287 solved issue- #2081 1 year ago
Peter Thaleikis 2eed2e5fa4
Removing "Synereo" 1 year ago
Jacob Hrbek b324087491 gitpod: Gitpod is not non-free! 2 years ago
Tom Tamaira 0c6a5eba9a
Updated Duetapp Demo Link 2 years ago
Nisar Hassan Naqvi 56864dc0a7 add Gitpod Self-Hosted to non-free#software-development. 2 years ago
Dan Moore 4081764454
Added FusionAuth to list 2 years ago
Buleandra Cristian 0afd3ef0ed
Update non-free.md 2 years ago
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🔥 new line 2 years ago
Jon Maddox 85122c0f4a
alpha 2 years ago
Jon Maddox e5b996b99e
Add Channels DVR Server 2 years ago
Groupboard 849d3a8c9c
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Add PhotoStructure 2 years ago
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Add Kantree 2 years ago
Tomer Cohen 4fee99b9d7 Typo fix: metods→methods 2 years ago
Tomer Cohen 8c23105a90 Typo fix: vulnerabilties→vulnerabilities 2 years ago
Gerardo Baez db71276e2d
Reorder alphabetically 2 years ago
Gerardo Baez 08b33faf44
Add FullHelp.com 2 years ago
Ivan Krutov daab8d4a89 Added Moon software 2 years ago
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Remove Glype (website down) 3 years ago
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Move cloudron (#1508) 3 years ago
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Murali K G fdcb7458f4
Moved sessionrecord.com domain to uxlens.com 3 years ago
nodiscc 3d16836046
non-free.md: remove FusionInvoice 3 years ago
Adam C 67a9e4913d Add Virtual TimeClock to non-free.md (#1395) 4 years ago
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Added Jitbit Helpdesk 4 years ago
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