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Miroslav Šedivý 35643fc8d4
neko repository archived (#2708) 10 months ago
Hexalyse fd983e7bc4
Blynk removed their self-hosted server (#2722) 10 months ago
Josef Andersson 50bf15de5d
Fix pWS (#2725) 10 months ago
Josef Andersson fcb08b53f3
Edit descriptions to pass tests (#2726) 10 months ago
Valentin Zwerschke 492c6797b3
Add SheetAble to Multimedia Streaming (#2682) 11 months ago
Fabeuss 8331cef2bc
Add QuickShare to File Transfer- Single click... (#2685) 11 months ago
nodiscc e7acf6facf
Merge pull request #2676 from beucismis/master 11 months ago
nodiscc 97acaeb586
Merge pull request #2701 from mzch/master 11 months ago
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Merge pull request #2696 from notdev007/master 11 months ago
nodiscc 0e3e395b6f
update CompreFace language/platform 11 months ago
pawelmalak c187fbe29c
Added Snippet Box to Pastebins (#2693) 11 months ago
Dmitri Popov 523bc5b751
Add Mejiro photo publishing application (#2692) 11 months ago
James Kiger 2185188a7f
Add GlitchTip to ticketing (#2690) 11 months ago
Shubham Mehrotra 760fb8fe2c
Adding Krayin CRM in Groupware Category #2656 11 months ago
Arpit 2d88ac774c
Add ToolJet to Software Development - IDE & Tools category (#2673) 11 months ago
Dustin Essington 28358c014e
Adds Gravitational's Teleport to Gateways and Terminal Sharing (#2667) 11 months ago
nodiscc 9358f3a26b
Merge pull request #2641 from JaneJeon/master 11 months ago
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Merge branch 'master' into master 11 months ago
nodiscc 4d08f0e9f3
remove gShort - unmaintained 11 months ago
addictedtolearning 7675448f7d
Demo for gshort now links to browser hijacking (#2702) 11 months ago
nodiscc b51c330f98
fix pachno entry 11 months ago
nodiscc 186983888d
fix missing license/language for pachno 11 months ago
Koichi MATSUMOTO 2695c75c34
Remove Boostnote 11 months ago
Koichi MATSUMOTO f87e43109c
Remove Hexo (#2698) 11 months ago
beucismis dc590bc4b5 Add main website URL and fix source code URL 11 months ago
Koichi MATSUMOTO d9997463f2
The Bug Genie moved to Pachno (#2681) 11 months ago
Ziga Zajc bd02c74468
Updated description of Passky (#2683) 11 months ago
Gabriel Herbert 790eb7e0c7
Added public github repo to REI3 (#2694) 11 months ago
notdev007 f4fa23acfb
Add Exadel CompreFace to Automation 11 months ago
nodiscc a2a1e99f44
sort entries alphabetically 11 months ago
nodiscc 01fb5c1396
remove `Multiple` license, all licenses now properly listed 11 months ago
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remove QMailToaster 11 months ago
nodiscc 9ccc5eeb77
update VLC license 11 months ago
nodiscc cb0b91d361
update licenses for WikiSuite 11 months ago
nodiscc c466cb6a8b
update ResourceSpace license, add BSD-4-Clause license 11 months ago
nodiscc d62abfb153
fix whitespace in license link 11 months ago
PeGaSuS 8b9f3a35b5
Add UnrealIRCd IRC daemon to Communication - IRC section (#2670) 11 months ago
Jane Jeon bf8aa2e40c
Merge branch 'master' into master 11 months ago
Jane Jeon ff9ae02bba
Update README.md 11 months ago
Akashdeep Dhar f5e542e696
Remove Phabricator (EOL) (#2664) 11 months ago
rennokki 9f94586c52
Added soketi/pws (#2642) 11 months ago
Joschua Becker 21138a3a84
Add "s.Status" to the list. (#2634) 11 months ago
Aaron 6a9ff12b97
Add EmuLinkerSF to Games category (#2660) 11 months ago
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fix Content Management Systems (CMS) anchor link labels 11 months ago
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order section header 11 months ago
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add wikipedia description to feed readers section, merge Feed readers and RSS/Atom automation 11 months ago
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fix livekit syntax 11 months ago
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order section headers, fix livekit entry syntax 11 months ago
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sort sections/entries alphabetically 11 months ago
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order sections alphabetically 11 months ago