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ICMP Passive Analyzer - D4 IPA

Reads a pcap file and analyze icmp packets to detect potential DDoS attacks (guaranteed gluten free)



  • This analyzer requires pipenv and redis 5.0 or above.
  • You need at least python3.6 or later to run this.

First, you need to install pipenv:

pip install pipenv

Then clone redis where you want it installed:

git clone
cd redis
git checkout 5.0
cd ..

You can finally clone this repo on your machine and simply setup the virtual environment with pipenv like so:

git clone
cd analyzer-d4-ipa
pipenv install


Start the redis server

Don't forget to set the DB directory in the redis.conf configuration. By default, the redis for IPA is running on TCP port 6405.

../redis/src/redis-server ./etc/redis.conf

Configure and start the D4 analyzer

cd ./etc
cp analyzer.conf.sample analyzer.conf

Edit analyzer.conf to match the UUID of the analyzer queue from your D4 server.

my-uuid = 6072e072-bfaa-4395-9bb1-cdb3b470d715
d4-server =
logging-level = INFO

Start the analyzer

cd ../bin

If you have local pcaps stored in a dataset that you want to analyze, use -p argument and specify the absolute path of the dataset root folder.

python3 -p /absolute/path/to/dataset/root