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MISP Training Materials

This repository includes all the training materials in use such as

  • Core MISP (software and standard) trainings
  • Threat intelligence and OSINT training
  • Building information sharing communities workshop

All the materials are available with the complete LaTeX source code meant to assist in contributing or extending the training materials. A special attention is given to the open source licensing given to the materials. We welcome contributions in order to improve the training set for threat intelligence, intelligence gathering and analysis along with specific aspects of information sharing/exchange in information and national security.


Slides (PDF) Source Code
0-misp-introduction-to-information-sharing source
1-misp-usage source
1.2-misp-integration source
1.1-misp-viper-integration source
1.2.1-misp-integration-mail2misp source
2-misp-administration source
3-misp-taxonomy-tagging source
3.1-misp-modules source
3.2-misp-galaxy source
3.3-misp-object-template source
6.0-misp-dashboard source
a.0-contributing source
a.1-devintro source
a.2-pymisp source
a.3-misp-feed source
a.4-best-practices source
a.5-decaying-indicators source
a.6-forensic source
a.7-rest-API source
a.8-dev-hands-on.pdf source
a.9-restsearch-dev.pdf source
b.1-best-practices-in-threat-intelligence source
b.2-turning-data-into-actionable-intelligence source

Complementary materials

Slides (PDF) Source Code
complete slide desk in one PDF source
MISP training cheat-sheet source
MISP feature list (for the trainers) source

Additional documentation

MISP Training videos

Sample videos which can be used to understand how the training materials are used in companion with a live MISP demo instance.

MISP Training support videos

Those are videos to support MISP trainings or demonstrations at large:

MISP Training VMs

Pre-built MISP training VMs are available at

Source Code

The full source code of the training slide decks are available. You'll need to have an operating system with a recent installation of LaTeX including latex-beamer to work with them.

To build the complete set of training materials:


The output directory will contain all the generated PDF files and the PDF file called misp-training.pdf which is the complete handout of all the slides.

Note: In case the rendering is somewhat broken, it might be related to latex using the styles installed systemwide in /usr/share/texlive/texmf-dist/tex/latex/beamertheme-focus. Removing this directory will solve the problem.

License, Attribution and Funding

All the materials are dual-licensed under GNU Affero General Public License version 3 or later and the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International. You can use either one of the licenses depending of your use case of the training materials.

The MISP project training materials are co-financed and supported by CIRCL Computer Incident Response Center Luxembourg[]( and co-financed by a CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) funding under CEF-TC-2016-3 - Cyber Security as Improving MISP as building blocks for next-generation information sharing.

All the source code is available at

If you reuse the training materials, don't forget to include the above for attribution.

Contributors in alphabetical order