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kokomo123 aeb14083d3
Add Nitter to Social Networks (#2530) 8 months ago
nodiscc ec81e09dd4
Makefile: ingore awesome-bot SSL warning on flaskbb.org 9 months ago
nodiscc 2dfa23dfca
makefile: awesome_bot: ignore SSL errors on https://flaskbb.org/ 9 months ago
nodiscc 6825002c6c cleanup/streamline/improve automated checks: 1 year ago
Rodrigo Avelino 4334d6b220 fix(awesome-bot): Fix RedaxScript demo link check 2 years ago
nodiscc 6322e4b3f3 makefile: add a target to run awesome-bot, add it to the monthly target 3 years ago
nodiscc 3e99a50870 makefile: add a "monthly' target to run periodic maintenance tasks 3 years ago
nodiscc 53730d7052 makefile: add a target to run check-github-commit-times.py 3 years ago
nodiscc cef61885d1 makefile: remove 'listlicenses' target 3 years ago
nrew225 213d5396b7 Fix contrib command in Makefile 4 years ago
nodiscc 69e42a98f7 dangerfile, makefile: add documentation links, intentation fixes 4 years ago
nodiscc 7ccb43c576 Update CONTRIBUTING.md, PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE.md, Makefile: 4 years ago
nodiscc 7d65269c98 make add: remove final dot 5 years ago
n8225 46a373c1e8 Update AUTHORS.md (#895) 5 years ago
nodiscc 8bac9e3dd8 makefile: syntaxerrors: detect )` (#749) 5 years ago
nodiscc 46c13d14c9 Some additions and fixes (#669) 6 years ago
Jarek Lipski 4ecbc140b9 Add Puffin (#544) 6 years ago
nodiscc b337f4f671 Makefile: check for lines without a full stop after description 6 years ago
nodiscc e3e766227e add Makefile with tests and helpers, update/simplify #Contributing 6 years ago